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Theory Lunch

Theory Lunch is an informal seminar run by Algorithms and Complexity Theory Group on Wednesdays, noon till 1pm, in NSH 1507 (unless otherwise specified). It is open to faculty, graduate and undergraduate students interested in theoretical aspects of Computer Science.

The meetings have various forms: talks on recently completed results, joint reading of an interesting paper, presentations of current work in progress and exciting open problems, etc.

Spring 2005 Schedule

(Wednesdays noon-1:00pm, NSH 1507)

January 12, Wednesday Shuchi Chawla Algorithms for Path Planning
January 19, Wednesday Shuheng Zhou On Hierarchical Routing in Doubling Metrics
January 26, Wednesday
No Theory Lunch
February 2, Wednesday Eyal Even-Dar Fast Convergence of Selfish Rerouting
February 9, Wednesday Chris Wang Dynamic Optimality and Multi-Splay Trees
February 16, Wednesday
No Theory Lunch
February 23, Wednesday Ryan Williams Reingold's Theorem
March 2, Wednesday Anupam Gupta Graph Decomposition Schemes
March 9, Wednesday
Spring Break
No Theory Lunch
March 16, Wednesday Mark Sandler Using mixture models for collaborative filtering
March 23, Wednesday Harald Raecke Hierarchical Graph Decompositions for Minimizing Congestion in Distributed Systems
March 30, Wednesday
No Theory Lunch
April 6, Wednesday Virginia Vassilevska Defying Hardness with a Hybrid Approach
April 13, Wednesday Kirk Pruhs Speed Scaling to Manage Power
April 20, Wednesday Juan Vera TBA
April 27, Wednesday Nina Balcan TBA
May 4, Wednesday Katrina Ligett TBA

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