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Theory Lunch

Theory Lunch is an informal seminar run by Algorithms and Complexity Theory Group on Wednesdays, noon till 1pm, in 4623 Wean Hall (unless otherwise specified). It is open to faculty, graduate and undergraduate students interested in theoretical aspects of Computer Science.

The meetings have various forms: talks on recently completed results, joint reading of an interesting paper, presentations of current work in progress and exciting open problems, etc.

Fall 2002 Schedule

(Wednesdays noon-1:00pm, 4623 Wean Hall)

September 4, Wednesday Luis von Ahn Cosmic Lotteries, Verifiable Measurements and Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge.
September 11, Wednesday Nick Hopper A Synthesis of CRYPTO 2002
September 18, Wednesday Lenore Blum Computing over the Reals
September 25, Wednesday Bartosz Przydatek PRIMES is in P
October 2, Wednesday
No Speaker
No Theory Lunch
October 9, Wednesday Ke Yang Extracting Quantun Entanglement
October 16, Wednesday Maverick Woo Minimizing Congestion in General Networks
October 23, Wednesday Kate Larson Mechanism Design
October 30, Wednesday
No Speaker
No Theory Lunch
November 6, Wednesday David Cardoze Efficient Algorithms For Geometric Pattern Matching
November 13, Wednesday Lenore Blum Computing Over The Reals Part II
November 20, Wednesday Benoit Hudson Preference elicitation in combinatorial auctions
November 27, Wednesday
No Theory Lunch
December 4, Wednesday
No Speaker
No Theory Lunch
December 11, Wednesday Yiannis Koutis Approximating Multivariate Integrals

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