Download the most recent version of my  CV  here. Please find below, a not so frequently updated short CV (Last updated in Oct'10).



Postdoctoral Fellow

Computer Science Department                     NSH 1604D

Carnegie Mellon University                           Pittsburgh, PA 15213                 Phone: (412)268-3818

paruchur AT andrew DOT cs DOT cmu DOT edu                        Fax: (412)268-5569



Applied Artificial Intelligence, Single/Multi Agent Systems, Decision/Game Theoretic Reasoning, Safety and Security Issues for Practical Agent Systems, Decision Making under Uncertainty, Automated Negotiation, Human-Agent Collaboration.


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Doctor of Philosophy

Computer Science 09/02 - 08/07

University of Southern California

Thesis: Keep the adversary guessing: Agent security by policy randomization

Advisor: Prof. Milind Tambe

Committee: Prof. Milind Tambe (chair), Prof. Sarit Kraus, Prof. Stacy Marsella, Prof. Fernando Ordonez and Prof. Gaurav S. Sukhatme

Bachelor of Technology

Computer Science and Information Technology 09/98 - 06/02

International Institute of Information Technology, India

Thesis: Multiagent Simulation of Unorganized Traffic

Advisor: Prof. Kamalakar Karlapalem



Postdoctoral Fellow

Robotics Institute 10/08 - Present

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA

Development of an automated negotiation agent using real human negotiation transcripts.

Research Scientist

Intelligent Automation Inc. 07/07 - 09/08

Distributed Information Systems Group

Rockville, MD

Worked on projects spanning Robotics, Multiagents systems and Game theory.

Graduate Research Assistant

Teamcore Research Group (Prof. Milind Tambe) 09/02 - 08/07

Computer Science Department, USC

Los Angeles, CA

Worked on improving Security in real world domains by developing efficient Game and Decision Theoretic algorithms for randomized policies in uncertain domains.

Member of CREATE center 05/05 - 08/07

Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, USC

Los Angeles, CA

Implemented the DOBSS algorithm that became heart of the ARMOR system

Graduate Teaching Assistant

USC CS Department (Advanced AI) 08/03 - 12/03

Los Angeles, CA

Summer Intern

Language Technologies Research Center 04/00 - 07/00

IIIT, Hyderabad, India