Welcome to Dr. Praveen Paruchuri's home page.  I am a Postdoctoral fellow at CMU, working with Prof. Katia Sycara.

I finished my Doctorate from USC in August'07. I was part of the Teamcore research group and my advisor was Prof. Milind Tambe. My PhD thesis (ppt) was on improving security of real-world multiagent systems using the Decision and Game theoretic frameworks.  (Click here for my research and teaching statements).

I actively collaborate with many other researchers including Prof. Sarit Kraus, Prof. Fernando Ordonez and Dr. Paul Scerri.

Recent Media Reports About my Research: My Game Theoretic algorithm named DOBSS became heart of the ARMOR system that is currently deployed for security scheduling at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Click ( here ) for a compilation of the various national and international newspapers where my work has appeared. Click ( here ) for the videos and other links.

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