"Crown Inspection Mobile Platform (CIMP)"

Driven wheel trucks (fore/aft)
Vertical carriage (port/starbord)
Sensor pod (with rotation)
Miniature Stereoscopic Camera
Wireless operation
Concept: Mel Siegel, Steve George
Mechanical Design: Gregg Podnar
Electrical Design: Gregg Podnar
Wireless Control: Gregg Podnar
Immense assistance: Alan Guisewite

CIMP operator with remote control and stereoscopic viewing station.
Miniature stereoscopic camera can be seen in sensor pod, with adjustable lighting.

Inspectors reviewing flaw found using CIMP.
After this 747 had been completely inspected for its scheduled Heavy Maintenance,
CIMP allowed inspectors to do an additional stereoscopic visual inspection of the crown.
This remote inspection discovered two additional flaws, each of which were scheduled for repair.

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