Crown Inspection Mobile Platform

A prototype remote inspection vehicle shown here on top of a Boeing 747 in the hangars of Northwest Airlines in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. Priyan Gunatilake provides a sense of scale as he double checks a suspect rivet which was first viewed through the stereoscopic inspection camera. This vehicle is wireless, controlled by conventional R/C radios. It consists of: Images are relayed to an inspectors' workstation where a StereoGraphics Corporation CrystalEyes system allows the inspector to both maneuver the vehicle as well as inspect the aircraft skin.

Stereoscopic view from the Tail

Mr. Podnar about to accompany CIMP onto the upper section of a 747.

CIMP was designed for the curvature of a DC-9 but also worked well on this larger aircraft.
The arch is very stiff and lightweight, and can be broken down into short segments.
This prototype is made of three overlapping layers of honeycombed craftpaper.
A production unit will employ honeycombed aluminum.

Early CAD representation of CIMP on a DC-9.