Companies, Municipalities and Universities
with Domestic Partnership Plans

This page has not been actively updated in years. I encourage people to use the HRC Workplace site for DP benefits info. See the disclaimer at the end.

Every institution listed below requires some form of registration for domestic partners before benefits are granted. (If this is not true, please tell me.) The (R) in the public sector plans means that there is some form of registration granted to non-employees. (For example, Cambridge lets city residents who are not employees register in order to get access to school records of the partner's children.)

Note that in many cases when the plan is identical to that provided to spouses, not all aspects may be listed. For example, if company X announces equality of benefits, the press release may not say specifically "medical, dental, life insurance, relocation, and adoption benefits" or may not say that the company does not have a legal plan for any employees. A "(=)" means the rest of the notations are interesting but not really important (except for "(O)").

Public Sector Plans

     (A) Access to school records
     (B) Bereavement and family leave policies
     (C) County plan
     (c) City plan
     (D) Dental Insurance
     (f) Family leave policy for domestic partners is same as married partners
             under the Family Medical Leave Act
     (f-) two different policies exist for family leave
     (M) Medical Benefits
     (P) Parenting leave
     (p) Pension benefits
     (R) Registration of partnership 
     (r) use of recreational areas
     (S) Sick Leave
     (s) State Plan
     (T) Tax benefits for companies in the city which recognize DPs
     (V) visitation in prisons, hospitals, etc.
     (=) no benefits available to spouses are excluded
     (-) some benefits available to spouses are excluded
     (?) specifics of plan unknown
     [n] number of employees
Government Keys
Alameda, CA (c) (B) (S)
Albany, NY (R)
Ann Arbor, MI (c) (B) (S)
Atlanta, GA (c) (R)
Austin, TX (c) (S) (M)
Bay Area Rapid Transit [2,600] (B) (M)
Berkeley, CA [1,550] (c) (R) (B) (P) (S) (M)
Boston, MA (B)
Burlington, VT (c) (?)
Cambridge, MA (c) (A) (B) (M) (P) (=)
Chicago, IL (c) (B)
East Lansing, MI (c) (B) (S) (M)
Ithaca, NY (c) (R)
Laguna Beach, CA [560] (c) (R)
Los Angeles, CA [46,000] (c) (B) (S)
LA School Board [86,000] (M)
Madison, WI (c) (R) (B) (S)
Marin County, CA (C) (?)
Massachusetts [23,800] (s) (B) (V)
Minneapolis, MN [6,000] (c) (R) (B) (S) (M)
New Orleans, LA [7,000] (c) (B) (M) (R)
New York, NY [417,000] (c) (B) (M) (P) (R)
Oak Park, Il (c) (M) (R)
Ontario Canada (M) (p)
Ottawa, Canada (?)
Pima County, AZ (M) (D)
Rochester, NY (R)
San Francisco, CA [23,000] (c) (R) (M)
San Mateo County, CA (C) (S) (D)
Santa Cruz, CA [650] (c) (B) (S) (M)
Seattle Metro [4,000] (C) (B) (S) (M) (=)
Seattle, WA [11,000] (c) (B) (S) (M)
Shorewood Hills, WI (c) (r)
Takoma Park, MD (c) (B) (S)
Toronto, Ontario (?)
Travis County, TX (C) (B) (R) (S)
Washington, DC [48,000] (c) (M)
West Hollywood, CA [125] (c) (R) (B) (S) (M)
West Palm Beach, FL (c) (B)
Yukon Territory (?)

A 1991 ruling by a British Columbia court extended Canada's National Health Insurance to same-sex partners. A 1992 court order granted medical and pension benefits to employees of the Ontario government.

Private Sector Plans

     (A) Adoption benefits
     (B) Bereavement and family leave policies
     (b) Child care
     (C) COBRA benefits
     (D) Dental Insurance
     (f) Family leave policy for domestic partners is same as married partners
             under the Family Medical Leave Act
     (f-) two different policies exist for family leave
     (g) Legal plan benefits
     (L) Dependent Life Insurance
     (M) Medical Benefits
     (P) Parenting leave
     (r) use of health and fitness programs
     (R) relocation policy
     (S) Sick Leave
     (U) Policy derived from collective bargaining
     (v) Vision medical insurance included
     (O) benefits offered to same-sex and opposite-sex couples
     (=) no benefits available to spouses are excluded
     (-) some benefits available to spouses are excluded
     (?) specifics of plan unknown
     [n] number of employees
Company Keys
Actor's Fund of America (M)
Adobe Systems (M)
Advanced Micro Devices (M)
ASK Software Corp. (Ingres, Data 3) [2,058] (M) (O) (f)
Adamation Inc., Oakland CA [10] (O)
American Airlines (M)
American Automobile Association [3,200] (?)
American Civil Liberties Union, San Francisco Office (?)
American Express (D) (M) (v)
American Friends Service Committee [350] (?)
American Institutes for Research (O) (?)
American Library Association (M)
American Psychological Association [1,500] (?)
Andersen Consulting (M)
Apple Computer, Inc. [11,500] (M)(A) (B) (b) (C) (D)(f) (O) (P) (R) (r) (S) (v)
ASK/Ingres Corporation (M)
Atlantic Records (M)
Autodesk (M) (B) (C) (D) (f) (R) (=)
Bank of America [80,000] (M)(B)(D)(v)
Banyan Systems (M) (C) (D)
Barnes & Noble (M)
Bell Canada (M)
Bell-Northern Research (Ontario, Canada) (M)
Ben & Jerry's [300] (?) (=)
Beth Israel Medical Center, New York (?)
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Mass (M) (O)
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Hampshire (M)
Bolt Beranek and Newman (MA employees) (M)
Borland [986] (D) (M)
Boston's Children's Hospital (D) (L) (M) (f) (=)
Boston Consulting Group (M)
Boston Globe [3445] (M) (B)
Boston Hotel Workers Union (?)
Cadence (D) (M) (v) (O)
Canadian Press/Broadcast News [440] (B) (D) (M) (U)
Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. (M)
Celestial Seasons Teas (M)
Centigram (Silicon Valley) (M)(D)
Charles Schwab & Co (M)
Chevron (B) (D) (L) (M) (R)
Chiron Corp (D) (M)
Citigroup [200,000] (M)(O)(?)
Coca-Cola Co. [U.S. employees] (M)
Columbia University clerical workers, NYC (B) (U)
Committee of Interns and Residents Staff Union, NYC (U)
Compaq Computer Corp (M)(D)(C)(R)(f)(v)
Computer Graphics Inc. (M)
Consumer's Union, San Francisco (M)
Consumers United Insurance Company [15] (?)
Coors (M)
DaimlerChrysler AG [U.S. employees] (M)
DEC-Belgium (D) (M) (O) (-)
Digital Credit Union (?)
Digital Equipment Corp. (?)
Directors Guild of America (D)(M)
Discovery Channel (M)
Eastman Kodak (O)(-)
Edison International (M)(B)(D)(v)
Episcopal Diocese of Newark, NJ (M)
Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago) (?)
Ford Motor Co. [U.S. employees] (M)
Fox Inc. [3500] (B) (M)
Frame Technology [303] (D) (M) (O)
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Seattle) (M)
Gannett Co. [53,400] (1/1/02) (M)(O)
Genentech Corp. (M)
General Motors Corp. [U.S. employees] (M)
Glaxo Wellcome (M)
Greenpeace International (?)
Group Health Cooperative (Seattle) [9000] (M)
Hearst Corp. [10,000] (D)(M)
Hewitt Associates (M)
Hewlett-Packard [108,300] (M)
Home Box Office [1600] (M) (?)
Human Rights Campaign (?)
IBM [110,000] (D) (M) (v)
IDG [530] (M) (f)
Informix Software (Menlo Park) (M)
Innosoft International, Inc. (M)
Intel Corp. [44,000] (D) (M) (?)
Interleaf [800] (D) (M) (=)
InterMedia Partners (M)
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 18 (M)
International Data Group (M)
ITT Hartford (B)(M)(R)
Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME [700+] (M)(O)
Jet Propulsion Lab (M)
Jewish Board of Family & Children's Services (M)
Jewish Communities Centers Association (M)
J.P. Morgan & Co. (M) (D)
Kaiser Permanente (M)(?)(U pending)
KQED, San Francisco (M)
Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund (?)
Levi Strauss & Co. [31,000] (B)(U)(L)(M)(=)
Los Angeles Philharmonic (M)
Lotus Development Corp. [3,500] (B)(M)(R)(=)
Lucas Films (M)
Lucent Technologies (?)
MCA/Universal Inc [18,000] (M)(C)
Merrill Lynch [63,000] (1/1/99) (M)
Microsoft [12,000] (M)(R)(S)
Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy (M)
Millenium Global Inc. (M)
Minnesota Public Radio [218] (?)
Minnesota Star-Tribune (M)
Montefiore Medical Center, New York City (?)
Mt. Sinai Hospital Nurses, New York City (B)(U)
Museum of Modern Art, New York City (B)(U)
National Center for Lesbian Rights (M)
National Conference of Christians & Jews (M)
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force (M)
National Organization for Women (?)
New York Times Co. (M)
NeXT Computer Inc (M)
Northern States Power (M)
Northern Telecom
NYNEX [70,000] (M)(U)
Oakland's Children Hospital (M)
Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers (several locals in NY and elsewhere) (U)
Oracle (C)(D)(M)(v)
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe (law firm) [761] (M)
Pacific (Stock) Exchange (M)(D)(O)(v)
Pacific Telesis [50,000] (=)
Paramount Pictures (M)
Planned Parenthood (D)(M)(?)
Platinum Technology, Oakbrook Terrace, IL [1900] (D)(M)(v)
Poloroid (=)
Portland Cable Access (M)
Principal Financial Group (Des Moines, IA) (M)
Principal Mutual Life Insurance (M)
Public Broadcasting System (PBS) (M)
Publishers Group West (M)
QUALCOMM (San Diego) (?)
Quark, Inc. [375] (M)
Qwest Communications Intl. [69,000] (M)(D)(L)(v)
Research Triangle Park, NC (M)
Reuters News Service
Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center (Chicago) (?)
San Francisco Chronicle (M)
San Francisco Examiner (M)
San Francisco 49ers [220] (M)(D)(=)
San Francisco Giants (M)
Santa Cruz Operations [1,300] (O)
SAS Institute (Cary, NC) (M) (D)
E. W. Scripps (1/1/02) (M)
Sears (Canada) (M)(=)
Seattle Mental Health Institute (M)
Seattle Public Library (M)
Seattle Times [2500] (M)(D)(F)
Segal Company (consulting firm) (M)
Sempra Energy (?)
Shell Oil Co. [20,000] (M)(?)
Showtime Entertainment (M)
Silicon Graphics Inc. [3100] (M)(B)(D)(A)(R) (=)
Sony Pictures Entertainment (M)
Southern California Gas Company (M)
Starbucks, Inc. (M)
St. Petersburg Times (M)
Sun Microsystems [11,000] (7/93) (M)(B)(D)(O)
Sunquest Information Systems [800] (M)(D)
SuperMac Technologies (M)
Swope Parkway Medical Center (M)
Sybase Inc. [2100] (M)(B) (D)(O)(P)(R)
Teradyne, Inc. (M)(D)(v)
The Gap, Inc. (M)
Thinking Machines [500] (M)(B)(D)(v)(R)
Thomas Jefferson Univ. Hospital (Philadelphia) (M)(B)(D)(L)(=)
TicketMaster (M)
Time Inc. (M)
Time Warner Co. (M)
Toronto Dominion Bank (M)
Towers Perrin [6000] (M)(D)(v)(g)
Union Bank of California
Union of American Hebrew Congregations (M)
Unitarian Universalist Association (?)
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (?)
United Airlines (M)
United Church Board for Homeland Ministries (M)
United Way (M)
U.S. Airways (M)
Veritas Software Corp. [130] (M) (D) (v)
Vermont Girl Scouts Council (M)
Viacom [5,000] (M)(C?)
Village Voice (newspaper) [226] (M)
Visa International (M)(D)(v)
Walt Disney Co. [70,000] (M)
Warner Bros. (M)
Washington Post (1/1/99) (M)(D)
Wells Fargo Bank (San Francisco) [35,000]
WGBH, Boston [800] (M)
Whole Foods Market (O)(?)
Woodward and Lothrop Department Stores [16,000] (?)
Working Assets Funding Service (M)
Writers Guild of America (M)
Wyatt Company (M)
Ziff Communications (M)
Ziff-Davis Publishing (M)

Colleges and Universities

     (B) Bereavement and Sick Leave 
     (c) child care
     (D) Dental
     (F) Faculty/staff only
     (f) Family leave policy for domestic partners is same as married partners
             under the Family Medical Leave Act
     (f-) two different policies exist for family leave
     (H) Student housing only
     (h) Home purchase loan
     (I) informal policy -- not in writing
     (ID) issues university identification
     (P) pension plan
     (M) medical benefits
     (T) tuition waiver
     (O) benefits offered to same-sex and opposite-sex couples
     (r) use of recreational facilities
     (S) students only
     (=) no benefits available to spouses are excluded
     (-) some benefits available to spouses are excluded
     (?) specifics of plan unknown
     [m/n] number of faculty/students
Institution Keys
Albert Einstein College of Medicine (?)
Art Center College of Design (F)(O)(?)
Bowdoin College (H)(S) (P)
Brown University (S)(P) (M) (D)
Carnegie Mellon University [616/5000] (M)(ID)(B)(f-)(O) (-)
Clark University (B) (D) (M) (T)
Colby College, ME [140/1880] (ID)(T)
Columbia University [medical benefits 1/94] (H)(ID)(M) (P)
City University of New York (M)(B)(S)(f+)
Cornell University (announced) (?)
Dartmouth College [proposed only 8/10/93] (M)
DeAnza Community College (M)
Dickinson College (M)
Emory University (M)
Georgia State University [746/24247] (S) (P)
Grinnell College, IA [131/1291] (H)
Harvard Law School (H)
Harvard University (M)
Hunter College, CUNY (M)
Ithaca College (H)
Middlebury College (M)(O) (=)
MIT [1000/9564] (F)(f) (M)
Moorehead State University (P)
New York Law School [100] (D)(M)(=)
New York University (M)(P)
North Dakota University [532/9711] (H)(S)
Northeastern (M)
Oberlin College, OH [185/1783] (ID)(T)
Occidental College, CA [125/1680] (ID)(T)
Ohio State University [3097/51,000](B) (P)
Pitzer College [80/750] (F) (M)
Ponoma College (F)(ID)(h) (M) (T) (=)
Princeton University [671/6200] (ID) (H)(M 7/94)
Rush University (Chicago) (?)
Rutgers University [1964/48,000] (M) (ID) (?)
Simmons College (M) (?)
Smith College (M) (?)
Southern Methodist Univ. (M)
SUNY at Purchase, NY [129/2999] (H)
Stanford University [650/6500] (S) (ID) (M) (D)
Strong Memorial Hospital / Univ. of Rochester (M)(D)
Swarthmore College [135/1320] (M) (ID) (T)
Union Theological Seminary (H) (S) (P)
Univ. of Alaska (M)(D)(T)(=)
Univ. of British Columbia (M)
Univ. of CA at Irvine [957/15,776] (ID)
Univ. of CA at Santa Cruz [405/2036] (ID)
Univ. of Chicago, IL [120/9000] (ID) (F) (H) (M) (T)
Univ. of Colorado [4500/41,689] (ID) (H) (M) (S)
Univ. of Iowa [1600/28,000] (M)
Univ. of Michigan [3035/42,673] (ID) (P) (=)
Univ. of Minnesota (B) (c) (M*)(P)
Univ. of New Brunswick (M)
Univ. of New Mexico (B) (M) (T) (=)
Univ. of Pennsylvania (M) (P) (T)
Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA [3447/34,336] (ID) (B) (T) (-)
Univ. of Toronto (ID) (M) (D) (T)
Univ. of Texas [9967/145,655] (ID)
Univ. of Vermont (M)
Univ. of Waterloo (M)
Univ. of Windsor (M) (T)
Univ. of Wisconsin [7200/162,330] (H)(B)(r)
Vanderbilt University (M)
Wayne State University
Wesleyan University [284/1833] (ID) (T) (H) (M) (D)
Wilfred Laruer University (M) (T)
Williams College (?)
Wright State University (B)(M,S)(ID)
Yale University [2239/9800] (ID) (I)
York University (M)

(*) The University of Minnesota was unable to get an insurance carrier to write policies for domestic partners. The University has instead issued stipends of up to $2500 to apply toward the purchase of individual health and dental insurance policies.

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  • Countries with Residency Rights for Partners of Lesbians and Gays

  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
    Registered same-sex couples in the Netherlands enjoy all the rights and responsibilities as married couples.
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • (Canada)

  • Disclaimer

    The information on this page should be assumed to be incomplete and to contain (unintentional) errors, since the sources of information are often unofficial reports, rather than reports from the organizations offering the benefits. The maintainer of this list has not personally verified this information.

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