Subject: QUALCOMM Announces DP Benefits
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 16:40:15 -0800

This was announced today to all employees.

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QUALCOMM maintains an outstanding package of employee benefits. Based on recent competitive surveys we have decided to further expand our U.S. benefits package by adding vision coverage to our health care plan and by extending benefits to same sex domestic partners.

[explanation of vision care deleted]

Benefits will be extended to same sex domestic partners effective January 1, 1997 and will be identical to those benefits currently provided to legal dependents of married employees. QUALCOMM's decision to adopt benefits for same sex domestic partners was based on two factors. First, the new offering is consistent with QUALCOMM's long standing non-discrimination policy. (In 1994 QUALCOMM formally added sexual orientation to our EEO policy.) The second reason for the decision was competition. Increasingly, high technology companies have adopted benefits for same sex domestic partners. Such companies include Intel, Microsoft, NYNEX, Oracle, and IBM. Unmarried opposite sex domestic partners will not be eligible for benefits because of their option to marry. For more information and enrollment, please call [deleted].