Vikia: Robot interaction with a human face.

Vikia is the Social Robots Projects primary project. By combining the engineering and programming of Carnegie Mellon University's world famous Robotics Department and the skill and research of CMU's Human Computer Interaction Institute and Entertainment Techology Center, the Social Robots Project is developing a robot who has personality and with whom it is easy to communicate.

Vikia is being imbued with a realistic personality. This includes her own personal history as the first robotic student at Carnegie Mellon University. She is still in the enrollment process, and should be entering her first year in her special studies program in Newell-Simon Hall this fall semester. Vikia looks forward to it immensely, and will enjoy the freedom and change, even though she will still be living very near her parents, Xavier and Amelia. She plans to spend much of her time in the Newell-Simon Hall atrium, enjoying the view and chatting with the variety of people who travel through the area. Click here to find out more about the process behind Vikia's development.