Human-Robot Interaction Reading Group

This is a reading group for people who are interested in human-robot interaction. We will explore relevant research in robotics, cognitive science, social psychology, HCI, and other fields.

We meet every Wednesday at 3:00pm in NSH 2609.

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Date Speaker Topic Reading materials

Spring 2006

Jan 25 Marek Interaction as dramatism Here is "Computers as Theatre", by Brenda Laurel; also see here "A Grammar of Motives", by Kenneth Burke
Feb 8 Rachel and Cristen HRI practice talks
Feb 15 Rachel and Aaron P. HRI practice talks
Feb 22 Carl/Jodi and posters (Kristen, Bilge, Marek) HRI practice talks
Mar 8 Marek AMC practice talk

Spring 2005

Jan 21 Rachel Emotion in social robots "Emotions are Social", by Brian Parkinson
Feb 4 Marek Keepon & Infanoid "Attention Coupling as a Prerequisite for Social Interaction", by Hideki Kozima et al.
Feb 18 Bilge Robots that Work in Collaboration with People "Robots that Work in Collaboration with People", by Guy Hoffman and Cynthia Breazeal
Apr 1 Stephanie Influence of Embodiment on Emotional Expression "In Your Face, Robot!", by Bartneck, Reichenbach, and Van Breemen
Apr 15 Kristen Autistic Children's Attitudes Towards Strangers "Investigating Autistic Children's Attitudes Towards Strangers with the Theatrical Robot - A New Experimental Paradigm in Human-Robot Interaction Studies", by Ben Robins, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Janek Dubowski. Proc. IEEE Ro-man 2004, 13th IEEE International Workshop on Robot and Human Interactive Communication September 20-22, 2004 Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan.
Apr 29 (12-1pm) Carl Ethics of AIBO as a companion "March of the Robot Dogs", by Robert Sparrow, Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Australia.

Spring 2004

Jan 12 Marek Social robots for the treatment of autism
Jan 26 Bilge The emotive doorbell
Feb 9 Kristen Paro
Feb 23 General discussion Valerie
Mar 22 Rachel Communication and Valerie PowerPoint slides
Apr 5 Alan AAAI Challenge kick-off PowerPoint slides
Apr 19 Brennan Sparky "Experiences with Sparky, a Social Robot"
May 3 Carl Papers from CHI "Active Eye Contact for Human-Robot Communication", "Nodding in Conversations with a Robot"

Fall 2003

Oct 20 Alan Human Robot Interaction: Towards Collaboration "Children and Robots learning to play hide and seek", IJCAI Workshop on Cognitive Modeling of Agents and Multi-Agent Interactions, Aug 2003,
"Spatial Language for Human-Robot Dialogs", IEEE Transactions on SMC, Part C, Special issues on Human-Robot Interaction, July 2002, "Spatial Language for Human-Robot Dialogs", A Hybrid Cognitive-Reactive Multi-Agent Controller, IROS 2002, Sept. 2002.
Nov 3 Rachel Designing appearance and behavior for HRI "Matching Robot Appearance and Behavior to Tasks to Improve Human-Robot Cooperation", "All Robots Are Not Created Equal: The Design and Perception of Humanoid Robot Heads"

Possible Future topics

  • Cognitive science approaches to understanding social interaction
  • Computer vision for tracking people and/or recognizing their behaviors
  • Social psychology research on nonverbal communication