The AMC Barrel Allocator Demonstration

The Barrel Allocator Mission Window

The Barrel Mission view is the main visualization tool used by the Barrel Master. Each row represents one mission. The left side of the window contains textual information about the mission and the right side represents the temporal constraint associated with the mission. The rectangle represents the time interval during which the mission should fly. The left edge of the rectangle is the earliest the mission can start, and the right edge is the latest it can finish. Blue rectangles represent allocated missions, gray rectangles is used for missions that have not yet been allocated. The black I-beam inside the rectangle is the allocated time for the mission.

By drilling down on the mission description, one can inspect its itinerary in more details. The triangles before and after the I-beams represent positioning and depositioning flights: if the origin of the mission does not coincide with the location of the wing, a positioning leg will be added. Similarly, if the last location of the mission does not coincide with the location of the wing providining the aircraft, a de-positioning leg is added. The itinerary of the mission is a sequence of flight segments. Between each flight segment there is a minimum required ground time.

Allocating New Missions

After an initial load or after loading new missions from the database, all missions that have not been previously seen by the Barrel are marked UNASSIGNED. Although the system can automatically allocate all missions that are feasible, a manual process is also available. After loading the missions from the database, instead of using the top-level command to assign all missions, open the mission window and go to the UNASSIGNED sheet. If some of the missions are new, they will be displayed in this sheet. Notice that they are grey now since they have not been allocated yet.

Select one of them by clicking on the text side of the display. The background color of the mission will change to yellow to show that the mission is now selected. Open the allocation preferences ( Options | Allocation Preferences ) and set the resource set to be considered.

After closing the preference window use the command Options | Compare Options to ask the system to verify what are the alternatives for this particular mission. If it is feasible to allocate the mission in any of the resources in the selected set, the system will compute where the allocation would happen if that choice were selected. The feasible options can be seen here.

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