The AMC Barrel Allocator Demonstration

The Graphical Commitment Matrix

The resource capacity window or the graphical commitment matrix represents the resource utilization over time. In our example, we opened a view containing four C141 wings. The missions loaded in this example correspond to some snapshot taken during September 1998. Each row represents one of the C141 wings. The height of the row represents the wing's possessed capacity. For example, for the 305AMW-C141 wing, the height of the row represents its 16 aircraft, while for the 437AW-C141 it represents its 10 aircraft. The black line is the contract level: the capacity below the black line represents the aircraft available to the Barrel, the capacity above the line represent the fences aircraft. The blue region in the window represent allocated missions and the white is the capacity still available. By pressing the I-button in the toolbar and placing the mouse pointer over the blue region of the graph creates an additional window that provides additional information about the missions scheduled in that particular interval. In the selected interval, we can see that for the selected interval, the contract level is 10 aircraft and 10 missions have already been allocated for these planes.

The Allocation Summary

A summarized textual commitment matrix can be created by either clicking the mouse over the interval when the info window is up, or by selecting a given interval and using the menu command Edit | Show Interval Usage.

To select an interval, from Misc menu select the time granularity for the selection. Then click on the square button in the toolbar and drag the mouse over the interval to be selected. More than one resource can be selected. Shift-Click allows discontinuous selections.

The textual commitment matrix summarizes the allocation information for the selected interval. It displays the resource availability and utilization. By clicking on a cell for a certain mission type creates a mission view containing those missions. For example, if you click on any cell in the channel line, a mission window containing those channel missions will be created. It is also possible to create a mission window for all missions in a selected interval in the graphical resource view. Just box an interval and use the menu command Edit | Create Order Window.

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