The AMC Barrel Allocator Demonstration

Manual Assignment of Feasible Alternatives

The view below represents three feasible alternatives for a particular mission. The number on the right of the blue rectangle represents the maximum wing utilization for the assigned interval if that choice is selected. To accept any choice, just double click on the textual part of the display. To cancel and try something else, double click on the CANCEL field.

It is possible to allocate all missions in this fashion or to ask the system to automatically select feasible allocations. There are two ways of doing that:

From the top-level panel, use Allocate | Assign Airlift to feasibly allocate all unscheduled missions. Missions that cannot be assigned to any of the resources in the selected resource set will be marked UNASSIGNABLE.

From the mission window, select one or more missions by clicking on its name, and use the command Allocate | Assign Airlift from this view menu bar to feasibly assign only the selected missions.

The global assignment will allocate the missions in priority order. The selection mechanism allows the allocation of lower priority missions that would be marked unassignable otherwise.

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