15-745 Optimizing Compilers
Spring 2006
Tentative Schedule
Note: This schedule is likely to change from time to time.
Class Date Day Topic Reading Tasks
1 17-Jan T Course overview Chs.1-2  
2 19-Jan Th Compiler internal structures 4.1-4, 4.9 T0 out
3 24-Jan T Local optimizations 12.1-4, 18.1  
3a 24-Jan T Introduction to dataflow analysis 8.1  
4 26-Jan Th Classical dataflow optimizations 12.5, 13.1, ,18.10 T0 due; T1 out
5 31-Jan T Foundations of dataflow analysis 8.2-7  
5a 31-Jan T Elimination methods    
6 2-Feb Th Loop-invariant code motion 7.1-4, 13.2  
X 7-Feb T class cancelled Ch.14  
7 9-Feb Th Classical loop optimizations Ch.14 T1 due; T2 out
8 14-Feb T Partial redundancy elimination 13.3  
S 16-Feb Th Static single assignment form 8.10-11, 12.6  
9 21-Feb T SSA and optimization    
10 23-Feb Th Register allocation Ch.16 T2 due
S 28-Feb T More on register allocation    
R 2-Mar Th Efficient path profiling handout T3 out
11 7-Mar T Introduction to instruction scheduling 17.1-3  
12 9-Mar Th Advanced scheduling 9.1-3, 17.4-6  
  14-Mar T Spring Break    
  16-Mar Th Spring Break    
13 21-Mar T Memory optimizations Ch.20  
14 23-Mar Th Memory optimizations  
15 28-Mar T Garbage collection   T3 due
16 30-Mar Th Dependence testing and parallelization   worksheet out
17 4-Apr T Project proposals (no class)    
18 6-Apr Th Project proposals (no class)    
19 11-Apr T Recent research topics    
20 13-Apr Th Recent research topics    
21 18-Apr T Recent research topics    
22 20-Apr Th Recent research topics    
23 25-Apr T Recent research topics    
24 27-Apr Th Recent research topics    
25 2-May T Recent research topics    
26 4-May Th Recent research topics   worksheet due
27 TBD   Project poster session    
Additional notes:
- Project proposal and Research research topic sessions are presented by students.
- The worksheet must be perfect and can be handed in multiple times.
- Still need to find a lecture period or two on run-time systems…