John Mark Ockerbloom's Thesis Page

This page contains material related to my thesis, Mediating Among Diverse Data Formats. To find out more about what I've been doing with my thesis technology since I left CMU, see this page.

Thesis Defense

I defended my thesis successfully on January 20, 1998. Here are the slides from the defense, in Powerpoint format, and in HTML and GIF format. (The HTML/GIF version was converted from Powerpoint using TOM, the system I built for my thesis, and then hand-tweaked a bit.)

Thesis Document

The final version of the thesis document was turned in on May 1, and is now available. You can now view the abstract and the postscript version of the full document (about 3.5 MB).

If you'd rather not read 150+ pages, but want something more than the abstract, maybe you'd like to read the summary.

Other Papers and Presentations


More about the details of TOM

Most of the material below is somewhat out-of-date. Fully up-to-date descriptions of the system are in my thesis.

Some of the material may be restricted access at the moment; send me mail if you'd like to see some of the restricted stuff. (John Ockerbloom)