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   bookcode/  Machine readable parts of various Scheme books
   code/      Scheme code for benchmarking, research, 
              education, and fun
   doc/       Documentation, including standards and proposals
   edu/       Educational Materials for Teaching/Learning 
   faq/       Scheme FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
              posting for comp.lang.scheme newsgroup
   gui/       Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for Scheme and 
              other graphics code.
   impl/      Free/Shareware Scheme implementations
   mail/      Archives of the Scheme mailing list.
   oop/       OOP: Code related to object-oriented programming.
   scheme/    Archives for the comp.lang.scheme newsgroup
   txt/       Online Scheme-related tech reports and papers.
   util/      Utilities for programming in Scheme.

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   Give "anonymous" (without the quotes) at the username:
   prompt and type your email address (in the form "user@host")
   at the password: prompt. NOTE: There is *no* leading slash
   before user/ai/lang/scheme/; just type "cd user/ai/lang/scheme/"
   at the ftp> prompt.
   If you will be transferring compressed files, be sure to
   type the "binary" command before retrieving the files. The
   "get" command is used to get a single file, and "mget" to
   retrieve multiple files using wildcards.  If you're using
   the "mget" command, you might want to turn off prompting
   first by using the "prompt" command.
   The Lisp Utilities Repository is kept in the Andrew File
   System (AFS) directory
   and its subdirectories. If your site runs AFS, you can
   just cd to this directory and copy the files directly.
   (The FTP location given above is just a link to the AFS
   Further information about AFS can be obtained by
   sending email to
Welcome to the Scheme Repository. The Scheme Repository at CMU is part of the CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository. The goal of the Scheme Repository is to collect files and programs of general interest to Scheme programmers. Information files include the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) postings for the comp.lang.scheme newsgroup and copies of the RnRS standards for scheme. Thanks to Ozan S. Yigit, creator of the Internet Scheme Repository, for assistance in gathering materials for the Scheme section of the CMU AI Repository. This is NOT a precise mirror of the Internet Scheme Repository. Some of the materials have been relocated to more appropriate locations in the AI Repository. We also have some additional materials not currently present in the Internet Scheme Repository, and changed the organization significantly. If this is the first time you have used the Repository, please read this file and the file named readme.txt. The file readme.txt contains important information concerning the repository and conditions on use of the repository. By retrieving files from the repository, you signify your agreement to these conditions. To contribute files to the repository, first see section [7] of the readme.txt file. Then send mail to If possible, please put the files in
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