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Free/Shareware Scheme implementations


   apple2gs/  Scheme implementations for the Apple IIGS
   bigloo/    Bigloo: A Scheme to C compiler and interpreter
   elk/       Elk: Extension Language Kit interpreter for 
   fools/     Fools' Lisp: Small R4RS Scheme interpreter
   gambit/    Gambit Scheme: An optimizing Scheme compiler.
   help/      HELP: A lazy Scheme interpreter
   iswym/     ISWYM: Scheme dialect with control operators run 
              and fcontrol.
   lib_scm/   libscheme: C library implementing R4RS Scheme.
   mit_scm/   MIT Scheme: Portable and fast implementation of 
   oaklisp/   Oaklisp: Object-Oriented Scheme.
   pcscheme/  PC Scheme: Scheme implementation for IBM PCs
   pixie/     Pixie Scheme: R3RS-compatible Scheme for the 
   pseudo/    Pseudo Scheme: Scheme implemented on top of 
              Common Lisp.
   rabbit/    Rabbit Scheme: Old Scheme implementation in 
   s88/       S88: Scheme for 8088 (PC)
   scheme2c/  Scheme->C: Scheme implementation that compiles 
              Scheme into C.
   scheme48/  Scheme48: Portable and efficient implementation 
              of Scheme.
   scheme84/  Scheme84: Scheme that runs in Franz Lisp
   scheme88/  Scheme88: Scheme84 ported to Common Lisp.
   schemers/  Schemers: Demo version of 3D Scheme for Windows 
              from Schemer's Inc.
   scm/       SCM: Portable implementation of a R4RS Scheme in 
   similix/   Similix: Self-Applicable Partial Evaluator for a 
              Subset of Scheme.
   siod/      SIOD: Scheme in One Day
   stk/       STk: R4RS Scheme with access to the Tk graphics 
   t/         T: Scheme-like language developed at Yale
   umb_scm/   UMB Scheme: Portable Scheme from UMass/Boston.
   vscm/      VSCM: Portable R4RS Scheme implementation.
   xscheme/   XScheme: R3RS Scheme with object-oriented 
Sources for a large collection of Scheme implementations.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Programming Languages!Scheme, Scheme!Implementations
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