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Gambit Scheme: An optimizing Scheme compiler.

Gambit is an optimizing Scheme compiler/system. It conforms to the IEEE-Scheme standard (IEEE P1178) and the Revised^4 Report on Scheme (R4RS). The system supports the whole numeric tower (i.e. integer, rational, real and complex numbers). It also has several extensions to the standards including: weak pairs, string ports, property lists, futures, pretty printer, debugger, compiler and multitasking. The distribution contains the interpreter and optimizing native code compiler and all the sources required to build the system (the sources for MacGambit are for THINK-C 5.0). MacGambit's specific features include: a Scheme interface to several Toolbox routines (mostly QuickDraw), a drawing window for simple graphics, an online help system containing R4RS and a Scheme oriented editor with an emacs compatibility mode.
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   The version 2.0 files are as follows
   gambit20.tar.Z (Unix source)
   macgambit-2.0-interpreter.hqx (MacGambit interpreter and sample programs)
   macgambit-2.0-sources1.hqx (Think C 5.0 sources for interpreter/compiler)
   macgambit-2.0-sources2.hqx (Scheme source files for runtime and
   compiler, and DEC's Thomas interpreter)

Version: 2.0 (5-FEB-93) Ports: Gambit runs on M680x0 based machines only, including Sun3, Apollo, HP9000/3xx, BBN GP1000 multiprocessor, Amiga, NeXT, and the Apple Macintosh. On the Macintosh there is both a UNIX version (under A/UX) and a System/Finder application. Copying: Copyright (c) 1992-93 Universite de Montreal. Gambit for UNIX and MacGambit may be distributed to others as long as they are not sold or transferred for compensation (other than a reasonable duplication fee). CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: To join the mailing list, send mail to Author(s): Marc Feeley Contact: Keywords: Authors!Feeley, Compilers!Scheme, Gambit, IEEE P1178 Compatible, Interpreters!Scheme, MacGambit, Programming Languages!Scheme, R4RS Compatible, Scheme!Implementations, Scheme!Macintosh, Scheme!UNIX, Toolbox graphics References: ?
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