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OOP: Code related to object-oriented programming.


   bos/       BOS: Bryan's Object System
   meroon/    Meroon and Meroonet: Small and efficient OOP for 
   methods/   Methods: Tiny object-oriented programming system 
              for Scheme.
   minioop/   MINIOOP: Minimal object support for Scheme
   mos/       MOS: Macroless Object System for Scheme
   scoops/    SCOOPS: Scheme Object Oriented Programming System
   sos/       SOS: Scheme Object System
   tinyclos/  TinyCLOS: Subset of CLOS in Scheme, with 
              metaobject protocol.
   yasos/     YASOS: Yet Another Scheme Object System
Contains code and other materials related to object-oriented programming in Scheme.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: OOP!Scheme, Scheme!Code
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