15-849, Spring 2011: Hot Topics in Computer Networks


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Date Presenter Topics Notes Readings
Tue 01/11 SS Introduction
Part 1: Future Internet Architectures
Thu 01/13 SS Four Different Views
Start finding project partners! FIA program, NDN doc/slides, MobilityFirst doc/slides, NEBULA doc/slides, XIA doc/slides - just skim all these documents, no posting to discussion page required
Tue 01/18 SS Data Oriented Networks
fully read only the VoCCN and DONA papers, just skim the others CCN, VoCCN, DOT, DONA, RE, BitTorrent, CDN
Thu 01/20 SS Mobile/Wireless and IP
just read TCPMigrate, skim the other two MobileIP, TCPMigrate, I3Mobility
Tue 01/25 SS Policy
read the ICING paper and skim the others RBF, ICING, Capability
Thu 01/27 SS Design Goals/Service Models
read the Tussle paper, skim the others just about the justifcations for extending the intern Tussle, ALF, Design, Saltzer84, She95, Multicast, ESM
Part 1: Network Programming
Tue 02/01 Wolf Programming the Network
GENI, OpenFlow
Thu 02/03 George Software routing
Read the RouteBricks paper - skim the others Click, RouteBricks, PacketShader
Tue 02/08 Athula Architecture for Evolution
read the active network paper ActiveNetworks, Declarative
Part 2: Routing/Routers
Thu 02/10 Boyan Routing
read the Pathlet paper and skim the others Pathlet, MIRO, NIRA, HLP
Tue 02/15 Arvind Economics
read the norton paper and skim the others Norton, MINT, Selfish1, Selfish2, PathInflation, Labovitz
Part 3: Inferencence vs. Transparency
Thu 02/17 Umar Inferencence
Read the Probing paper, mostly read the Vivaldi paper and skim the others Probing, ProbingFail, Vivaldi, Meridian, ReverseTraceRoute, RocketFuel:xxx
Tue 02/22 Yoshi Transparency
Read iplane and skim rest KnowledgePlane, iPlane, RoutingUnderlay, P4P
Part 4: Resource Management
Thu 02/24 Arvind Congestion Control
Read CM and skim the others CM, XCP, DCCP, TCPNice
Tue 03/01 George Net Neutrality
read Wu and Crowcroft Wu, Peha, Crowcroft
Thu 03/03 SS No class - travel
Part 4: Naming/Data-Oriented Networks
Tue 03/08 Spring Break
Thu 03/10 Spring Break
Tue 03/15 Yoshi Naming
read the Intentional Names paper and skim the otehrs IntentionalNames, i3, DOA, LNA, SFR, UIA
Thu 03/17 Umar Naming
read CoDoNS and skim the rest... CoDoNS, DNSCaching, pushDNS, handle, DNS
Part 5: Security
Tue 03/22 Athula Accountability
AIP, Capabilities, SOS, Traceback
Thu 03/24 SS No class - travel
Tue 03/29 SS Worms & Privacy
read the Attacks paper InfoFlow, Spam, Attacks, Fingerprinting, Tor
Part 6: Mobility and Other Requirements
Thu 03/31 Boyan Sensors/Vehicular/RFID
read the wisp paper and skim the rest (esp. skim the internet future papers) InternetFuture, UrbanSensing, Cartel, sensorMAC, RFID, WISP
Tue 04/05 Wolf Energy
read the grid paper and skim the materials on the background page Grid, background
Part 7: Cellular Networks
Thu 04/07 SS Intro 1
Tue 04/12 SS Intro 2
Wed 04/13 SS No class
Attend Tom Anderson's talk
Thu 04/14 SS No class - CMU Carnival
Attend Landon Cox's talk
Tue 04/19 SS No class - travel
Thu 04/21 Umar, George Cellular Handsets
Read Maui and skim rest... Maui, AppUsage, AppPerf
Tue 04/26 Arvind, Yoshi Cellular Infrastructure
read 3g and skim the others.. Bartendr, Traffic, 3g
Thu 04/28 SS No class - travel

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