Hello World!
I'm Sherry Tongshuang Wu
Assistant Professor
School of CS, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU SCS)
Human Computer Interaction Institute (HCII)
Language Technololgy Institute (LTI)

I am trained (by my amazing PhD advisors Jeffrey Heer and Dan Weld at the University of Washington) to be an HCI+NLP researcher. I study how humans (AI experts, lay users, domain experts) interact with (debug, audit, collaborate) AI systems.

Most recently, I work on:

Build practical AI systems, by mapping general-purpose AIs to the right specific use cases.

Click & jump to some recent papers that represent my research interests and style:
If you are interested in exploring relevant topics with me at CMU, I will be looking for undergraduate, master or PhD students! PLEASE read this FAQ to find out our open projects and best ways to contact us.

Research Highlights

Real-world AI Evaluation
Do LLMs Exhibit Human-Like Response Biases? A Case Study in Survey Design
Lindia Tjuatja, Valerie Chen, Tongshuang Wu, Ameet Talwalkar, Graham Neubig
ArXiv 2023: arXiv:2311.04076
LLMs as Workers in Human-Computational Algorithms? Replicating Crowdsourcing Pipelines with LLMs
Tongshuang Wu, Haiyi Zhu, Maya Albayrak, Alexis Axon, Amanda Bertsch, Wenxing Deng, Ziqi Ding, Bill Guo, Sireesh Gururaja, Tzu-Sheng Kuo, Jenny T Liang, Ryan Liu, Ihita Mandal, Jeremiah Milbauer, Xiaolin Ni, Namrata Padmanabhan, Subhashini Ramkumar, Alexis Sudjianto, Jordan Taylor, Ying-Jui Tseng, Patricia Vaidos, Zhijin Wu, Wei Wu, Chenyang Yang
ArXiv 2023: ArXiv
Task-specific AI Test & Distill.
Beyond Testers' Biases: Guiding Model Testing with Knowledge Bases using LLMs
Chenyang Yang, Rishabh Rustogi, Rachel Brower-Sinning, Grace Lewis, Christian Kaestner, Tongshuang Wu
EMNLP Findings 2023: The 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Promp2Model: Generating Deployable Models from Natural Language Instructions
Vijay Viswanathan, Chenyang Zhao, Amanda Bertsch, Tongshuang Wu, Graham Neubig
EMNLP Demo Track 2023: The 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Human-AI Task Delegation
Is AI the Better Programming Partner? Human-Human Pair Programming vs. Human-AI pAIr Programming
Qianou Christina Ma, Tongshuang Wu, Kenneth Koedinger
ArXiv 2023: ArXiv
How to Teach Programming in the AI Era? Using LLMs as a Teachable Agent for Debugging
Qiaomu Ma, Hua Shen, Kenneth Koedinger, Tongshuang Wu
AIED 2024: The 25th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education
AI Chains: Transparent and Controllable Human-AI Interaction by Chaining Large Language Model Prompts
Tongshuang Wu, Michael Terry, Carrie J. Cai
CHI 2022: the 2022 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems