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The Mark Stehlik Introductory and Service Teaching Award
– The Mark J. Stehlik Introductory and Service Teaching Award evolved from a well understood fact: the computer is both fundamental and critical to all professions. It is the tool of our lifetimes and embraces all fields with equal generosity and challenge. The introductory experiences with the science of computing are critical. We need to be assured students find their footing and pace while delving into the science with all the excitement and possibility it brings to the academic table. Introductory teaching and course assistants complement the course offerings by providing quality guidance. The introductory experience rests on the shoulders of these talented many, drawn from within SCS and across campus. The Stehlik Award acknowledges those bringing their best and indispensible efforts to the task. The selection is based on student nominations, recommendation letters, and reviews, and is evaluated by the SCS Teaching Excellence Committee.

Mark Stehlik served as Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education and teaching professor for over 30 years. His dedication to students and teaching is legendary and remains a role model for our community. His thoroughness, expertise, and enthusiastic and embracing nature assured introductory level courses, the basics from which all students grow, would never over- or underwhelm. His approach to computing was simple. All are welcome to participate in the process of learning and teaching the science and magic of computing.

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