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Rapid Design through Virtual and Physical Prototyping

Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2010

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Project 1

Paper Sketches due Tuesday January 19
Fast concept presentations in class Thursday January 21
Web Pages due Tuesday January 26

Part 1: Sketches

Your first project is to generate conceptual designs for three toys. Each toy should be based on a fundamental physical concept. Examples of existing toys like this would be slinkys, rockets with baking soda/vinegar fuel, and tinker toys. Your toys can all use the same physical principle or they can each be based on a different one. Your toys should

  • attract a child's attention,
  • be interactive and fun,
  • be self explanatory,
  • be durable and safe,
  • ideally allow for cooperative play with groups of children, and
  • ideally engage all of a child's senses.

Your toys to not have to be original inventions; they can be variations on existing toys.

Bring your three hand sketches (not computer-generated drawings) to class on Thursday.

Part 2: Presentation

On Tuesday, you should be ready to present one of your sketches in class. We will use a document camera to project the sketches, so you just need to have your sketch on a flat surface.

Your presentation should cover:

  • What is the physical principle underlying the toy?
  • What age group is the toy designed for?
  • How does the toy work/how does the child(ren) play with the toy?
  • Where did the idea for your toy come from?

Your presentation should take only two or three minutes.

Part 3: Web pages

For each toy concept, create an HTML document that includes the following information:

  • the principle your toy is based on,
  • a sketch of the toy (the idea should be clear, but the drawing doesn't have to be art),
  • a description of how the child (or children) will interact with the toy, and
  • a brief discussion of construction cost, durability and safety.

The title of each html page must be the name of the toy it describes and you must follow the file naming conventions given in the lab.


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