M.S. in Music and Technology

The Master of Science in Music and Technology gives students the freedom to push the boundaries of their expertise. Students accepted into this program have presented substantial work outside the typical four-year-degree, and excel in music or some aspect of technology, demonstrating a aptitude and desire to explore a specialized are with significant depth.

With a customizable wealth of classes to choose from, students are able to explore new educational directions while honing their current talent, and are expected to produce original work through a public performance and written thesis.

As the background and needs of students are highly varied, specific course selection is supervised by the student's advisor, working in concert with an Advising Committee composed of representatives from the School of Music, the School of Computer Science, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Working closely with expert faculty, previous students have pursued study in technologically augmented performance; computer music systems and technology; music signal processing; acoustics, sound recording, and music instrument design; and music cognition and perception.