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Re: Consolidating precints in VTS

Tari Runyan wrote:

>  Here is what I would like to do - the question is - Can
> VTS do it?
> I have a precinct with 5 splits - I would like to print a
> ballot for each split with the precinct id on it -  the
> other precincts have no splits -  however - I do not want
> to report on the SOVC  by splits -  so can I unconsolidate
> the precinct - generate ballot formats - print artwork -
> then go in and consolidate the precinct - so that it will
> report all the splits as 1 precinct but will read all 5
> ballots in one vote center -  they are using precinct ids
> and option 3   count ballots separately and tally with
> polls -  what i want is an SOVC that will include all the
> 5 splits totals but list it as 1 precinct on the report ?

  I don't think that you need to have the precinct
unconsolidated in the first place.  VTS will still generate
separate ballots for the precinct portions but they will
share a precinct ID and therefore report as a single
precinct which is what I think you want to do.  If VTS was
to let you consolidate after download (I don't think it
will), then you will probably not be able to upload the

  I wish that I was certain of this but I haven't worked
much with VTS in recent years.  I suspect that you know it
better than I do at this point so take my comments with an
appropriate grain of salt. :-)

Guy Lancaster <glanca@gesn.com>
Global Election Systems Inc., Victoria, B.C., Canada
Phone: (250)995-8627