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Consolidating precints in VTS

Here is what I would like to do - the question is - Can VTS do it?
I have a precinct with 5 splits - I would like to print a ballot for each split with the precinct id on it -  the other precincts have no splits -  however - I do not want to report on the SOVC  by splits -  so can I unconsolidate the precinct - generate ballot formats - print artwork - then go in and consolidate the precinct - so that it will report all the splits as 1 precinct but will read all 5 ballots in one vote center -  they are using precinct ids and option 3   count ballots separately and tally with polls -  what i want is an SOVC that will include all the 5 splits totals but list it as 1 precinct on the report ?

I need an answer quickly as art must go to printer tomorrow.  sorry about the short notice .