Katerina Fragkiadaki

I am interested in building machines that understand the stories that videos portray, and, inversely, in using videos to teach machines about the world. The pen-ultimate goal is to build a machine that understands movie plots, and the ultimate goal is to build a machine that would want to watch Bergman over this.

I am an Assistant Professor in the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon. Prior to joining MLD's faculty I spent three wonderful years as a post doctoral researcher first at UC Berkeley working with Jitendra Malik and then at Google Research in Mountain View working with the video group. I completed my Ph.D. in GRASP, UPenn with Jianbo Shi. I did my undergraduate studies at the National Technical University of Athens and before that I was in Crete.

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8107 Gates Hillman
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
katef 'at' cs.cmu.edu
Admin: Amy Protos, aprotos@cs.cmu.edu


I gave a talk on Adversarial Inverse Graphics Networks at Augmenting humans workshop, CVPR 2019
I gave a talk on Embodied Visual recognition at Bringing Robots to the Computer Vision Community Workshop, CVPR, 2019
I gave a talk on Embodied language Grounding at The How2 Challenge: New Tasks for Vision and Language Workshop, ICML 2019
I gave a talk on geometry-aware deep visual learning at the theory and practice in ML and CV workshop at ICERM, slides and video are available.
I was awarded a UPMC faculty research award 2019
Ricson is selected as a runner-up of the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award for 2019 !
Area chair ICML 2019
Area chair ICLR 2019
We are organizing an AI4ALL summer school to expose rising juniors to AI and the good it can do for the world, as we see it, here in CMU!
I gave a talk at the Deep Learning for Visual SLAM workshop in CVPR 2018, and the slides are available here.
Area chair CVPR 2018
I got a Google faculty award 2018


Deep Reinforcement Learning and Control Spring 2017
Language Grounding for Vision and Control Fall 2017
Deep Reinforcement Learning and Control Fall 2018
Deep Reinforcement Learning and Control Spring 2019


Teaching machines to appreciate Bergman is a hard problem, in fact, most people fail in it. Thus, it is a very long term goal of our research. Meanwhile, we are working on teaching machines basic common sense. Our recent works use recurrent nets with 3D representation bottlenecks that disentangle camera motion from appearance, while being optimized end-to-end for a final task, such as view prediction or 3D object detection. In this way, our models learn object permanence, size constancy, occlusions and dis-occlusion relationships, useful for 3D object detection, affordance learning and language grounding.

Selected Publications

Embodied View-Contrastive 3D Feature Learning
Adam W. Harley, Fangyu Li, Shrinidhi K. Lakshmikanth, Xian Zhou, Hsiao-Yu Fish Tung, Katerina Fragkiadaki
Learning Spatial Common Sense with Geometry-Aware Recurrent Networks
Hsiao-Yu Fish Tung, Ricson Cheng, Katerina Fragkiadaki
CVPR 2019, oral presentation
paper | project page with code
Model Learning for Look-ahead Exploration in Continuous Control
Arpit Agarwal, Katharina Muelling and Katerina Fragkiadaki
AAAI 2019, oral presentation
paper | project page with code
Data Dreaming for Object Detection: Learning Object-Centric State Representations for Visual Imitation
Maximilian Sieb and Katerina Fragkiadaki
Humanoids 2018, oral presentation
paper | slides
Reinforcement Learning of Active Vision for Manipulating Objects under Occlusionss
Ricson Cheng, Arpit Agarwal, and Katerina Fragkiadaki
CoRL 2018
paper | slides | code
Geometry-Aware Recurrent Neural Networks for Active Visual Recognition
Ricson Cheng, Ziyan Wang, and Katerina Fragkiadaki
NIPS 2018
Reward Learning from Narrated Demonstrations
Fish Tung, Adam Harley, Liang-Kang Huang, Katerina Fragkiadaki
CVPR 2018
paper | bibtex
Depth-adaptive Computational Policies for Efficient Visual Tracking
Chris Ying, Katerina Fragkiadaki
paper | bibtex
Self-supervised Learning of Motion Capture
Hsiao-Yu Fish Tung, Wei Tung, Ersin Yumer, Katerina Fragkiadaki
NIPS 2017, spotlight
paper | bibtex | code
Adversarial Inverse Graphics Networks: Learning 2D-to-3D Lifting and mage-to-Image Translation from Unpaired Supervision
Hsiao-Yu Fish Tung, Adam Harley, William Seto and Katerina Fragkiadaki
ICCV 2017
paper | bibtex | code
SfM-Net: Learning of Structure and Motion from Video
Sudheendra Vijayanarasimhan, Susanna Ricco, Cordelia Schmid, Rahul Sukthankar and Katerina Fragkiadaki
Motion Prediction Under Multimodality with Conditional Stochastic Networks
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Jonathan Huang, Alex Alemi, Sudheendra Vijayanarasimhan, Susanna Ricco and Rahul Sukthankar
arxiv | video results
Learning Feature Hierarchies from Long-Range Temporal Associations in Videos
Panna Felsen, Katerina Fragkiadaki, Jitendra Malik and Alexei Efros
Workshop on Transfer and Multi-task Learning, in conjunction with NIPS 2015
Learning Predictive Visual Models of Physics for Playing Billiards
Katerina Fragkiadaki*, Pulkit Agrawal*, Sergey Levine and Jitendra Malik
ICLR 2016
paper | project page
Recurrent Network Models for Human Dynamics
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Sergey Levine, Panna Felsen and Jitendra Malik
ICCV 2015
paper | project page
Human Pose Estimation with Iterative Error Feedback
Joao Carreira, Pulkit Agrawal, Katerina Fragkiadaki, and Jitendra Malik
paper|project page with code
Learning to Segment Moving Objects in Videos
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Pablo Arbelaez, Panna Felsen and Jitendra Malik
CVPR 2015
paper | poster | bibtex | project page with code
Grouping-Based Low-Rank Video Completion and 3D Reconstruction
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Marta Salas, Pablo Arbelaez, and Jitendra Malik
NIPS 2014
paper | poster | bibtex | project page with code
Two Granularity Tracking: Mediating Trajectory and Detection Graphs for Tracking under Occlusions
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Weiyu Zhang, Geng Zhang, and Jianbo Shi
ECCV 2012
paper | poster | bibtex | project page with code
Video Segmentation by tracing Discontinuities in a Trajectory Embedding
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Geng Zhang, and Jianbo Shi
CVPR 2012
paper | poster | bibtex | project page with code
Detection-free Tracking: Exploiting Motion and Topology for Segmenting and Tracking under Entanglement
Katerina Fragkiadaki and Jianbo Shi
CVPR 2011
paper | poster | bibtex

Current Graduate Students

Adam Harley, R.I. Ph.D.
Fish Tung, MLD Ph.D.
Xian Zhou, R.I. Ph.D.
Ricson Chen, undergrad CSD
Ziyan Wang, R.I. Masters
Max Sieb, R.I. Masters (co-advised with Oliver Kroemer)


Arpit Agarwal, R.I. Masters
Henry Huang, MLD Masters
Chris Ying, MLD Masters
Yijie Wang, MLD Masters