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Jean Yang

Assistant Professor (on leave)
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University

jyang2 [at] cs [dot] cmu [dot] edu
GHC 7113
Curriculum Vitae
Administrative Assistant

Erin Davis, eedavis [at] andrew [dot] cmu [dot] edu

Selected Writing

In addition to what I have linked here, I also write on my personal blog, Medium, and Quora

In addition to my writing, I also have a couple of satirical photo blogs. My brogramming project examines the "brogrammer" trope in tech culture and also society's image of the programmer. My Strong Reject meme satirizes the human aspects of the scientific reviewing process. There is also Haskell Ryan Gosling, an exercise in discovering how much Haskell can be taught through Ryan Gosling (in collaboration with Travis Hance).

Programming and Software Culture

"Want to Keep Personal Information Safe Online? Fix the Software," TIME, April 3, 2018. [article]
"James Comey's Twitter Security Problem Is Your Problem, Too," MIT Technology Review, April 27, 2017. [article]
"Build privacy right into software code," The Conversation, February 20, 2017. [article]
"Research for Practice: Web Security and Mobile Web Computing," ACM Queue, October 4, 2016. [article]
"Making It Easy to Make Apps," MIT Technology Review, June 2016. [article]
"The robot apocalypse is here: and it's not what we expected," ACM SIGCAS Computers and Society, March 2016. [ACM article]
"The Real Software Security Problem is Us," MIT Technology Review, June 22, 2015. [article]
"C is Manly, Python is for 'n00bs': How False Stereotypes Turn Into Technical 'Truths,'" Model View Culture, January 20, 2014, with Ari Rabkin. [article]
"The Best Languages for Getting Into Functional Programming," Forbes via Quora, August 8, 2014. [Forbes]

Gender and Diversity

"What do you think of Scott Aaronson's comment #171 and the subsequent posts?," Quora, January 12, 2015. [Quora question]
"MIT Computer Scientists Demonstrate the Hard Way that Gender Still Matters," Wired, December 19, 2014, with Elena Glassman and Neha Narula as a follow-up to our Reddit Ask Me Anything session. [article]
"Init. Women, Hip-Hop, and Self-Teaching: The New Diversity in Computing," as feature editor for ACM XRDS's "Diversity in Computer Science" issue, Summer 2014. [Init | issue]
"First Person / The power of girls," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 31, 2014. [article]
"How Can A Female Engineer Remain Positive Despite What Seem To Be Discriminatory Hiring Practices?," Forbes via Quora, April 16, 2014. [Forbes]
"Only Woman on the Team? 4 Communication Tips You Need to Know," Forbes via The Daily Muse, March 26, 2014. [Forbes | Daily Muse]
"What Do Women In Tech Wish They Knew Early On?," Forbes via Quora, March 17, 2014. [Forbes]

Creativity and Productivity

"Sething It," commencement speech at The Ellis School, June 9, 2016. [Medium post]
"I Worked Without Email for 10 Days, Survived, and Even Learned Something," Newsweek via The Daily Muse, September 16, 2014. [Newsweek | Daily Muse]
"What Should A Person Do If They Feel They Are Mediocre?," Forbes via Quora, May 15, 2014. [Forbes]