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Jean Yang

Assistant Professor (on leave)
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University

jyang2 [at] cs [dot] cmu [dot] edu
GHC 7113
Curriculum Vitae
Administrative Assistant

Erin Davis, eedavis [at] andrew [dot] cmu [dot] edu


In addition to research seminars, I have given the following talks for a more general audience.

Technical Talks

My Research

Preventing Informaton Leaks by Construction, Curry On Barcelona!, June 2017. [event | video]
Preventing Information Leaks with Policy-Agnostic Programming, ACM Learning Webinar, May 2017. [event | video]
Security Software by Construction, Philly Emerging Tech Conference, April 2016. [event | slides]
Preventing Information Flow with Jeeves, Singapore Data Privacy Workshop, July 2015. [event | slides]
Rethinking Language Infrastructure for Privacy, GigaOm Structure, June 2013. [video]


A Brief History of Programming, Boston Girl Geek Dinner, December 2014. [slides]
An Axiomatic Basis for Computer Programming, Papers We Love NYC, November 2014. [event | video | slides]

Non-Technical Talks


Future Shocks: War without Rules, panel at the World Economic Forum, January 2018. [video]
On the Front Lines: New Risks and Knowledge, panel at AtlanticLIVE's "Cybersecurity Today" summit, October 2015. [event | video]
Cybersecurity: How to Use What We Already Know, keynote at PrivacySecurityRisk, October 2015. [event | slides | video]


What I Wish I Knew When I Started Grad School, panel at PLMW@PLDI, Santa Barbara, CA, June 2016. [event | video]
Graduate School 101, panel at Scientista Symposium, MIT, April 2013. [event]

Diversity in STEM

Challenging Technical Privilege: How Race and Gender Matter, MIT, October 2014. [event | video]
How I Got There, panel at Women in Advanced Computing Summit, San Jose, CA, June 2013. [event | video]