Homework 2: Handling Input Events

Assigned: 9/9/2021; Due 9/21/2021 at 3:05pm ET


In this assignment, you will be creating a placeholder (temporary) web page with advanced input handling. The events will be just manipulating html div elements, which will be replaced with handling events over graphics objects in homework 3. The goal of this assignment is to learn how to handle multiple kinds of events that may interact with each other, and deal with the required interactions among them. Like homework 1, you must write this assignment without using external packages - just regular JavaScript (and html and css).

You should build this homework as a new page in a subfolder, linked off of the CREATE YOUR OWN link on the "Scotty Shirts U Illustrate (SSUI)" web site from homework 1. We have supplied a starter html page and its CSS page. Please put the code for homework 2 into a new JavaScript file called input.js, all of which will be in your new subfolder.

Hint: Naturally, your touch event handlers will not work on a regular laptop, so that will most-likely need to be tested using a smartphone or tablet (unless you happen to have a touch screen on your laptop). The netlify link you created for your repository might be helpful for running your page on that device.