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I was a member of Srini's Distributed Systems Network Protocols and Applications (DNA) group, 2000-2005. My research was funded in most part by an IBM PhD Fellowship for the years 2003-2005. I graduated in Sep 2005.

You can find a copy of my resume here. For my publications, please click here.

Here's a brief overview of some key projects I have worked on:

  • Thesis research: Endpoint-Based Routing Strategies for Improving Internet Performance and Resilience

    In my thesis research, I adopted a systematic, four-step approach to the problem of optimizing the performance of well-connected Internet end-points, such as universities, large enterprises and data centers. I showed that constrained bottlenecks inside and between carrier networks in the Internet could limit the performance of such end-points. I observed that a clever end point-based strategy, called Multihoming Route Control, can help end-points route around these bottlenecks, and thereby improve performance. Furthermore, I showed that the Internet's topology, routing and trends in its growth may essentially worsen the wide-area congestion in the future. To this end, I proposed changes to the Internet's topology and routing protocols to guarantee good future performance. Results from my thesis work have appeared in SIGCOMM 2003 [paper, abstract], SIGCOMM 2004 [paper, abstract], USENIX 2004 [paper, abstract], PODC 2003 [paper, abstract] and IMC 2003 [paper, abstract]. Also check out these web pages: [Performance bottlenecks] [Multihoming Route Control].

    I defended my thesis on 22 June 2005. The final version is now available online.

  • Other work:

    I have also worked on a variety of other projects, both in CMU and elsewhere. The topics I have worked on include Wireless Networking, Game Theory, Security, Measurements, System Design and Implementation, and Analysis. I will put up a more comprehensive research page in the near future. For now, here is a brief list:

Teaching at CMU

Mentoring at CMU

I helped mentor Arvind Kannan's Senior Undergraduate Thesis in 2002-2003. Currently, Srini and I are mentoring Sameer Moidu's work. Also, I helped guide Jeffrey Pang's research during 2003-2004.

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