The Randy Pausch Bridge is many things:

  1. a memorial for a beloved faculty member
  2. a walkway between the Gates-Hillman Center and Purnell Center buildings used daily by hundreds
  3. a metaphorical connection between computer science and drama
  4. a highly visible architectural feature visible to the public, the campus community, and many individual offices
  5. a showcase for visual lighting compositions

Our long-term interest in the bridge lighting system includes:

  1. providing daily lighting effects which enhance the campus appearance
  2. developing new content which reflects the collaboration of arts and sciences
  3. respecting the memory of Randy Pausch and the spirit of his values
  4. maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure of the lighting system

Events and courses using the bridge must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The bridge is jointly controlled by SCS and Drama.
  2. The lighting system is administered and maintained by the School of Computer Science.
  3. The lighting system impacts everyone in the surrounding buildings. The bridge is not a toy; each use must carefully consider the interests of the whole community.
  4. Students are not permitted to use the bridge lighting without faculty supervision.
  5. Live testing of new content can only occur during prescribed times.