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15-410 Projects (Spring 2022)

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Important Project-Related Documents

About your 15-410 AFS Space
Here we explain the care and feeding of your 15-410 AFS volume. In the event of trouble, please (re-)read this for advice.
15-410 introduction to git
We expect you to use some revision-control system for Project 2 and Project 3, but of course you may use it earlier! Just remember to read the warnings in the syllabus.
Intel x86 documentation
These three Intel reference guides are extremely comprehensive and actually very well written. Do take the time to look over them, they will be useful in doing each of your projects. These documents are hundreds of pages - do NOT attempt to print them out (at least, not on a campus printer).
  • Intel architecture guide. Explains the basic organization of the processor and fundamental concepts like the execution environment, procedure calls and interrupts, and I/O.

  • Intel instruction set reference. A long volume documenting each x86 instruction.

  • Intel system programming guide. Probably the most interesting of the three documents. Explains privilege levels, segmentation and paging, how to handle interrupts and exceptions, and a host of other things.
Coding Style and Documentation
GNU make
We will not require you to build and debug complex makefiles for 15-410, but you are expected to understand the basic concepts and to be able to read a makefile, understand what's going on, and pick out appropriate targets to invoke partial builds. The official documentation for gmake, the flavor of make available on Andrew Linux machines, is available from the Free Software Foundation website.

Software license notice

Some of the library software used in this class is used under license (more info).

Wind River graciously supports our educational mission by providing us with a free Simics license (more info).

Some of the library software used in this class is used under license (more info).

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