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15-410 Project 2 Hand-in

Thread-library Hurdle

If your thread library cannot support successful execution of the following list of tests, you should not consider it "complete". In particular, you should not work on readers/writers locks until the "hurdle" tests pass:

  • startle
  • agility_drill
  • cyclone
  • join_specific_test
  • thr_exit_join
  • join_melee

Hand-in Directions

  1. Your files should be placed in your mygroup/p2 directory, not somewhere else, such as hw2. If you haven't stored files in your AFS volume yet, please refer to About your 15-410 AFS Space for help if you run into trouble. We are not responsible if you wait until 23:50 to try out your AFS volume and run into trouble.

  2. Please populate your group's p2 subdirectory with your files. You may build and run your code there if you wish.

  3. Please do not add levels of indirection when turning in your files. For example, do not place your files in p2/project_two or turn in p2/project_two.tar, or put your files in p2/p2. Please use the most straightforward arrangement, i.e., your top-level makefile should be p2/Makefile.

  4. You must also make sure that make html_doc and make print do the right thing.

  5. When you are satisfied with the contents of your hand-in directory, please help us by running
    % /afs/
    to clean up unnecessary files.

  6. Please do not include:

    • .o files
    • executable files such as kernel
    • .img files

  7. Once you have placed your submission in your hand-in directory, make sure you can copy directly from your hand-in directory to a temporary directory and build your submission in the temporary directory. This step is an important way to verify that you turned in the right files, so please don't skip it!

  8. When the deadline arrives, we will write-lock your hand-in directory. You will continue to be able to view the contents.

  9. If you need to take a late day for Project 2, use the Late Day Registration Page, by roughly 00:30. Assuming your message is received, the next morning somebody will unlock your hand-in directory so you can again save your work. Of course, your request must be in accordance with the policy published in the syllabus. Each time you file for a late day, make sure you have submitted your best work so far into your hand-in directory.

  10. To grade your work, we will edit to add our test programs, lay down a fresh version of the library code we provided you with and a fresh bootfd.img, and then make. Recall that, no matter what flavor of machine you used to prepare your assignment, it must build and run on Andrew cluster Linux machines.

[Last modified Wednesday September 28, 2022]