15-150: Functional Programming, Fall 2020

28 August 2020, 8:06 EDT

We'll do our best to keep this webpage updated with the latest about current 150 assignments and resources. We will try to keep you informed of if there are any important bugs or errors in any resources we release, and the status of various smlhelp pages.

Everything here subject to frequent change


'Live' means the homework is currently in progress -- see Assignments for due dates. 'Submitted' means that the due date has passed and the assignment is being graded. 'Regrade' means grades have been released and should be reviewed. One week after grade release, grades will be transferred to Canvas, no more disputes will be entertained, and the status here will change to 'Closed'.

basics Closed
induction Closed
lists Closed
datatypes Closed
hofs Closed
cps Closed
exceptions Closed
modules Closed
sequences Closed
games Closed
lazy/imperative Live


Install & run SML Stub
Types Complete
Bool Complete
Int Complete
Real Complete
String Complete
Function Types Complete
Basics Stub
Evaluation Complete
Extensional Equivalence Complete
Recursion & Induction Coming
Tail Recursion Coming
Basics Examples Complete
Recursion & Induction Examples Coming
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