Vim is a terminal-based text editor specially tailored to programming. It is best known for its unique keyboard shortcuts and editing style.

There are generally two choices when it comes to terminal-based text editors. You are free to choose whatever text editor you prefer, but because the course staff uses Vim exclusively and teaching two text editors is counter-productive, this course will focus only on Vim.



Essential Reads

  • vimtutor
    • Command line program that teaches you Vim interactively
  • Learning Vim in 2014
    • An excellent collection of articles that outline how to get the most out of learning Vim.
    • The Basics
      • Introduction of Vim’s history, and suggestions for how to approach learning Vim
    • Vim as Language
      • Teaches Vim as a language, a crucial paradigm to understand when learning Vim

One-a-day tips

Interesting, non-essential reads

Reference and Next Level Vim usage

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