Terminal Usage

How to use a command line, how to navigate the filesystem, how to run commands, and more.


Vim is a terminal-based text editor specially tailored to programming. It is best known for its unique keyboard shortcuts and editing style.


Bash is a language, development tool, and time saver. Just about anytime you’re typing something into a terminal, you’re interacting with Bash.


Git is a version control system (VCS)—it manages the versions of your code. It’s probably the most popular VCS due to the popularity of GitHub. We’ll discuss to harness its incredible power to make your life easier.


Makefiles are files that consist of a series of rules. Each rule may depend on some number of prerequisites and may output a target file. This page will go over how to create Makefiles and describe when they are useful.


LaTeX is a “document preparation system” used extensively to typeset mathematical papers. It’s also popular among those who enjoy writing in plain text, as it makes typesetting content into a beautiful document simple.

Terminal Configuration

With a well-configured terminal, you’re much more likely to actually enjoy sitting at the command prompt.


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