Git Branch in the Prompt

Adding the Current Git Branch to Your Prompt

You can add the current git branch to your prompt by adding this line to your .bashrc:

PS1="$PS1 \$(git branch 2> /dev/null | grep '*' | cut -c 3-) $ "

The $PS1 at the beginning means that we are appending new text to our previously defined PS1 variable. We wrap the oneliner in \$() so that it is not interpreted as a string and so it is executed every time we print the prompt. The oneliner gets info about the branches, greps for the line containing the * (the current branch), and then selects the part of that line that we want in the prompt. (We also pass output on stderr to /dev/null so that we don’t get an error when we’re not in a git repo.) The $ at the end prints a literal $ at the end of the prompt. Note that if you already had one at the end of your PS1, you’ll probably want to delete it.

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