CMU 15-112 Schedule
Summer 2020

Date Event / Topics Homeworks / Practice
Week 1
Mon 18-May Getting Started | Getting Started With VSCode
Data Types and Operations
Variables and Functions
112-student-contract (due Mon 18-May at 11:59pm)
collab1 (due Mon 18-May at 11:59pm)
hw1 (due Tue 19-May at 5pm)
day1-practice (due never)
Tue 19-May Loops
collab2 (due Tuesday 19-May at 11:59pm)
hw2 (due Wednesday 20-May at 5pm)
unit2-practice (due never)
Wed 20-May Strings
collab3 (due Thu 21-May at 11:59pm)
hw3 (due Fri 22-May at 5pm)
unit3-practice (due never)
Thurs 21-May Testing and Exceptions
continue hw3
Fri 22-May 1D Lists and Tuples
Notice: Session One Course Add Deadline & Audit Grade Option Deadline & Drop Deadline to Receive Tuition Adjustment 1
collab4 (due Fri 22-May at 11:59pm)
hw4 (due Tue 26-May at 11:59pm)
unit5-practice (due never)
Week 2
Mon 25-May Memorial Day; No Classes
Tue 26-May Test 1 Review test1 (in recitation)
Wed 27-May 2D Lists writing-session4
collab5 (due Wed 27-May at 11:59pm)
hw5 (due Thu 28-May at 5pm)
unit5-practice (due never)
Thurs 28-May Graphics
collab6 (due Thurs 28-May at 11:59pm)
hw6 (due Fri 29-May at 5pm)
unit6-practice (due never)
Fri 29-May Animation Part 1: Event Based Animation
Worked Example From Lecture
Note: skip collab7 (no collab today)
hw7 (due Mon 1-Jun at 11:59pm)
unit7-practice (due never)
Week 3
Mon 1-Jun Test 2 Review test2 (in recitation)
Tue 2-Jun Animation Part 2: Time-Based Animations
Optional Lecture: We Build A Bootleg Version Of Your Favorite Arcade Game (You Pick)
Note: skip writing-session7 (no writing session today)
Note: skip collab8 (no collab today)
hw8 (due Thurs 4-Jun at 5pm)
Wed 3-Jun Animation Demos
continue hw8
Thurs 4-Jun Midterm Review
Fri 5-Jun Midterm Exam (in class)
No recitation today
Week 4
Mon 8-Jun Introduction to Go | Go and VSCode
Loops in Go
Strings and Slices (Lists) in Go
collab9 (due Mon 8-Jun at 11:59pm)
hw9 (due Tue 9-Jun at 5:00pm)
Tue 9-Jun Structs (Go)
Hash Tables | Sets | Maps (Go)
collab10 (due Tue 9-Jun at 11:59pm)
hw10 (due Thu 11-Jun at 5:00pm)
extra-practice10 (due never)
Wed 10-Jun No classes today.
#ShutDownSTEM #ShutDownAcademia

Thurs 11-Jun Recursion (Go)
Searching (Go)
collab11 (due Thu 11-Jun at 11:59pm)
hw11 (due Fri 12-Jun at 5:00pm)
Fri 12-Jun Advanced Recursion (Go)
Sorting (Go)
Test 3 Review (Out of Lecture)
collab 12 (due Fri 12-Jun at 11:59pm)
hw12 (due Mon 15-Jun at 5:00pm)
Sat 13-Jun Test 3
Week 5
Mon 15-Jun Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) (Python)
Large Project Design & Documentation
Notice: Session One Withdrawal Deadline; Use Drop Voucher After This Date
collab13 (due Mon 15-Jun at 11:59pm)
hw13 (due Tue 16-Jun at 5:00pm)
Tue 16-Jun OOPy Animation (Python)
Note: skip collab14 (no collab today)
hw14 (due Wed 17-Jun at 5:00pm)
Wed 17-Jun HTML & CSS
Serving Websites
Final Exam Review Part 1 (in recitation)
Note: skip collab15 (no collab today)
hw15 (due Thu 18-Jun at 5:00pm)
Thurs 18-Jun Term Project Assignment (Python)
Final Review Part 2
Fri 19-Jun Final Exam
No recitation today
Week 6
Mon 22-Jun Backtracking, Fractals, and File Recursion (Guest Lecturer Prithvi Okade)
No recitation today
Tue 23-Jun School of Computer Science Overview with (Guest Lecturer Prof. Kelly Rivers)
No recitation today
Wed 24-Jun Robotics (Guest Lecturer Prof. Mike Taylor)
No recitation today
Thurs 25-Jun Functions Redux
Monte Carlo Methods
Limits of Computation
No recitation today
Fri 26-Jun Last Minute TP Office Hours During Class
Term Project Due @ 4:30PM
Programming for Social Good
TP Showcase @ 5:30PM; attendance required
TP Grading Meetings, scheduled by your TP Mentor

Algorithmic Thinking
Internet of Things
Extra Topics
CS in the News
Notice: Nothing in this category will be covered this semester.