CMU 15-112: Schedule
Summer 2022 (N22)

Dates Event / Topics Homeworks / Practice
Week 1
Mon 4-Jul Independence Day (No Class)
Tue 5-Jul Getting Started  |  Getting Started with VSCode
Data Types and Operations
Variables and Functions
Spicy recitation topic: Bitwise Operators!
112-student-contract (due Wed 6-Jul before lecture)
hw1 (due Thursday 7-Jul at 8pm)
Wed 6-Jul Conditionals
Thu 7-Jul Loops
Spicy recitation: Generators
hw2 (due Sat. 9-Jul at 8pm)
Fri 8-Jul Debugging
Code Tracing
extra-practice1 (due never)
extra-practice1-part2 (due never)
Week 2
Mon 11-Jul Quiz 1 (in lecture)
Strings Pt. 1
Semester Course Add Deadline
hw3 (due Wed. 13-Jul at 8pm)
Tue 12-Jul Strings Pt. 2
Wed 13-Jul Graphics (Tkinter)
hw4 (due Thursday 14-Jul at 8pm)
Thu 14-Jul Animations Part 1: Events and MVC
hw5 (due Sat. 16-Jul at 8pm)
Fri 15-Jul More Graphics: Circular Patterns
Animations Part 2: Grids
extra-practice2 (due never)
Week 3
Mon 18-Jul Quiz 2 (in lecture)
1d Lists and Tuples
hw6 (due Wed. 20-Jul at 8pm)
Tue 19-Jul Semester Course Drop Deadline
Lists Pt. 2 (aliasing)
1d List Case Studies
Wed 20-Jul Animations Part 3: Animations with Lists
hw7 (due Fri. 22-Jul at 8pm)
Thu 21-Jul OOP Part 1: Using Objects and Methods
Fri 22-Jul OOP Part 2: Writing Classes and Methods
OOP Part 3: Special Methods + Inheritance
hw8 (due Sat. 23-Jul at 8pm)
extra-practice3 (due never)
Week 4
Mon 25-Jul Quiz 3 (in lecture)
2d Lists
hw9 (due Wed. 27-Jul at 8pm)
Tue 26-Jul 2d List Case Studies
Wed 27-Jul Sets  |  Dictionaries  |  hw10 (due Fri. 29-Jul at 8pm)
Thu 28-Jul Efficiency
Fri 29-Jul Data Analysis
hw11 (due Sat. 30-Jul at 8pm)
extra-practice4-part1 (due never)
extra-practice4-part2 (due never)
Week 5
Mon 1-Aug Quiz 4 (in lecture)
Recursion Part 1
hw12 (due Wed. 3-Aug at 8pm)
Tue 2-Aug Semester Course Withdraw + Pass/Fail Deadline
More Recursion
Term Project Preview
Wed 3-Aug Term Project Assigned
Animations Part 4: More Events, Images, Sound, Modes, etc
Thu 4-Aug Final exam review!
Fri 5-Aug Final Exam (in lecture)
Week 6
Sun 7-Aug TP Kickoff!
Check-in 1
Mon 8-Aug Advanced Recursion
Exceptions Functions Redux
TP1 Due 8pm
Tue 9-Aug Monte Carlo Methods
Check-in 2
Wed 10-Aug NP-Completeness The Halting Problem
TP2 Due 8pm
Thu 11-Aug Last day of classes!
TP Showcase
Check-in 3
Fri 12-Aug (Optional) Informal wrap-up
Final TP Due 5pm