CMU 15-112: Term Project Gallery
Summer 21


This is the TP Gallery from S21.
Though our term project period will be shorter over the summer, these projects can provide some examples and inspiration for the kinds of projects you will be able to create with your 15-112 knowledge.

The following student projects represent a range of topics, approaches, effort, and resulting grades.

Abinav Nayini Madden Ultimate Team 112 Edition
Akshay Minocha Ball Climb
Alice Hong Super Mario ver.112
Alisa Qiu Harvest Dream
Alvin Zou Phigros Reimagined
Amal Taymour Bubble Trouble
Anaya Bhammar Instant Memoji Generator!
Annika Blob House
Anonymous Pokemon Defense
Ava Folloni Waste-Reducing Recipe Finder
Ayush T Pythonly
Benjamin Owad fps112 (also see here)
Bernie Sheng Mario Kart 12
Bonnie Guo Undercooked
Brandan Chen Beat Tapper (also see here)
Brandon Pan Pac-Man++
Brian Chien Dragon Ball 112
Callum Bagnall Pokemon Plaid
Cam Casey Wohoo! Finance
Catherine Mathews Fruit Ninja
Chetan Chilkunda News-News
Cindy Xiong Monopoly (Fantasy ver.)
Daniel Gunawan CubeWalker
Dave Lu Suggestions for Destiny 2
David Oladosu Vensuran
Devan G. SpotiLast
Douglas Stouch Playbook 112
Dustin Moss What's Under The Factory?
Edward Hou Floor Game (also see here)
Elijah Sech Plane Landing Madness
Emily Guo Sandbox Map Creator
Emma Hayes Coloring Coded
Eric Grynberg SpikeBall
Erin Park Moondew Valley
Esha Gupta Spotify Playlist Generator
Eve Liu 3D Video Title Generator
Eyal Davidov NFL Season Sim
Fiona Chiu Taiko no 112
Freda Su Plants vs. (Quarantine) Zombies
Fu Hao Wei psst. hey. let me guess.
Hailey Xia Type and Learn!
Harrison Wolf PyRraria
Helen Zhao Milkshake Mania
Isabella Yee Water Emblem (also see here)
Jacob Kang Rangekeeper
Jake Stickman’s Adventure
Jason Wei Easy Town Building
Jenny Doan Bubble Battles
Jenny Guo The Maze Master
Jessica Lee Live by Daylight
Jia Pan Gomoku
Jiayi Wang Weekly Scheduling (also see here)
Joanne Tsai Hamster Fund
Joe Born Fool the Robot (powered by a vector neural network)
Jon G NHL112: Release The Kraken
Joshua Yu Food Optimizer Inator
Josiah Miggiani ad Infinitum : you can advance (also see here)
Junhan Chen Bullet Hell
Justin Soza-Soto Three-Dimensional Portal
Katie Hart Climate Czar
Katrina Darms WizWar
Kemp Winkler Fighter Aces
Lawrence O. Ruler Trivia
Letian Wonderland
Lindsay Lamberti Restaurant World
Lukas Glist Tiny Trains
Max Chung Apeace
Melissa Yeung Star Maker
Minji Kwon Rumor Simulator
Nicholas Wernink bet112 - Poker
Nicole Xiang Sokoban
Nolan Carbin Dungeon Wizard
Olivia Duvanich Derivation Nation
Pariwat Q Miller Plane Visualizer
Rachel Luo Intentional Time
Rachel Martini uFit
Rana Jurjus Keyboard Smasher
Rene Othello/Reversi (also see here)
Richard He 2D Racing
Rio Pacheco No Brakes! (also see here)
Ryan Lee AI Chess
Ryan Lin Students vs Homework
Ryan Raikman Tanks!
S. Han An Ordinary Adventure Maker (also see here)
Saaniya Bhushan Recipe Finder
Samuel Dorfman hooked!
Sean Pham Poker112
Sebastian Peralta Rip-Off Osu!
Selena Pan
Shawn Noronha 3D Minesweeper
Shotaro Kuranaka Business Process Simulator
Sraavya Ranga Troubleless Travels
Stephanie Xu Deal or No Deal
Stephen Tao TransPyser
Stephen Zhong Uncertainty
Timothy Carullo Run Through the Staves
Victoria Han StockieViewie
Vishal S Candy Crush
William Lamkin Little Synth
William S. Vejcik AI Chess
Xiner Huang White Board
YT Gong StrategyCreation
YuChi Tsou Music Master 2.0
Zachary Mason Ultimate Tic Tac Toe (also see here)
Zehan Zhang 15-112 City Designer
Zhehua Xiang Basic Geometry Dash
Ziyan Ice Cream Monster

You can also find projects listed by semester along with each semester's lightning round video on the following pages:

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