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SCS offers a variety of ways for industry to engage with educational projects and programs, including Capstones, CMU Computer Science Academy and the JPMorgan Chase & Co. AI Maker Space.


SCS Capstones

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Capstone projects offer companies direct access to highly trained, intensely motivated students applying their advanced skills and expertise to a wide range of challenges and opportunities. Working with faculty supervision, teams focus on sponsor-defined projects that result in the exploration of solutions and potentially a proof-of-concept or prototype. Capstones are the culmination of the graduate or undergraduate program experience.

CMU Computer Science Academy

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CMU CS Academy is a free, online curriculum for middle and high school classrooms that helps instructors teach computer programming using engaging graphics and animations. The curriculum covers the gap between introductory computer science educational materials available for grades K-8 and the Advanced Placement courses students might take later in high school. It expands on this foundational learning with impactful learning opportunities in Python programming and ultimately, an opportunity for students to receive Carnegie Mellon University transcripted credit.

The JPMorgan Chase & Co. AI Maker Space

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Unlike traditional maker spaces, which focus on building hardware, our AI maker space concentrates on software development. The space houses state-of-the-art hardware available to students, who also have access to associated software packages and massive data sets to pursue independent research and complete projects.

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