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SMART-ER works with local Pittsburgh community organizations in underserved areas to train members of organizations to teach youth and young adults the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for robotics technician positions. This PA Registered Pre-Apprenticeship Robotic Technician program consists of five microcertifications focusing on five foundational areas: mechanical, electrical, software, fabrication and robotics integration. Programs include free training for the trainers, initial materials and support for a successful program. The program has reached over 200 participants in more than eight communities.

  • Contact: Vu Nguyen ( )
  • Grade Level: High School, College
  • Delivery: In-School, After School, Summer Program
  • Audience: Students, Teachers, Informal Educators
  • Cost: Free for community organizations.
  • Duration: 40 hours
  • Partners: The Grable Foundation, Phase 4 Learning Center, Auberle, Community Kitchen of Pittsburgh, Will Allen Foundation, Digital Bridges of Pittsburgh, The Bridge of Pittsburgh, Garfield Jubilee, Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, Clairton City School District, New Castle Area School District