CMU Hosts Conference on Legged Locomotion

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Scott Delp

Scott L. Delp, professor of bioengineering, mechanical engineering and orthopaedic surgery at Stanford University, will present the plenary lecture for Dynamic Walking 2013. The June 10-13 conference focuses on the fundamental principles of legged locomotion and related dynamic behavior and is hosted by Carnegie Mellon University.

Delp's talk, "Insights from simulating gait dynamics and disorders," will be at 8 p.m. Tuesday in the Carnegie Music Hall and is open to the public. Treatment outcomes for movement abnormalities are often variable, he says, because the underlying biomechanical causes are not clear. He will discuss how computer simulations of walking and running may help pinpoint the causes of gait abnormalities and lead to interventions with more predictable effects.

About 175 people are expected to attend the week's sessions, most of which will be in the Rashid Auditorium or other locations within the Gates and Hillman centers. Keynote speakers include Andrew Schwartz of the University of Pittsburgh, Emo Todorov of the University of Washington, Jun-Ho Oh of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and William Warren of Brown University. More information is available at

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