Generative AI Innovation Incubator


Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science leads the world in innovation with impact. We consider this innovation both in terms of its technical foundation and its social and ethical underpinnings.

AI is no exception. All of our seven departments in some way study and teach topics related to AI as it touches every aspect of life.

A Brief History

Since its inception more than a century ago, CMU has been a technology pioneer. In the School of Computer Science, we combine that history of cutting-edge research, education and outreach with a world-class collection of innovators in both computer science and technology support for human learning.

In addition to its top ranking graduate and undergraduate programs in all areas of computer science, CMU offers a unique approach to high-quality open instruction through university-wide initiatives. Our faculty work with a variety of collaborators to promote learning in both formal and informal contexts, sponsored by the university, the government and industrial partners.

Launching a Community of Practice

In the spirit of innovation with impact and building on our unique strengths, the School of Computer Science has launched our Generative AI Innovation Incubator. This community of practice will teach, innovate and engage the public in shaping the future of generative AI.

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