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CMU CS Academy is a free, online curriculum for middle and high school classrooms that helps instructors teach computer programming using engaging graphics and animations. The curriculum offerings begin by filling a gap between introductory computer science educational materials available for grades K-8 and the rigorous Advanced Placement courses that the most advanced students might take later in high school. It then continues to expand on the base built and provides impactful learning opportunities in Python programming all the way up to an offering that provides the opportunity for students to receive Carnegie Mellon University transcripted credit. 

CMU CS Academy was founded by Mark Stehlik and David Kosbie — two of the School of Computer Science's award-winning teaching professors. The project's offerings were developed in response to requests from secondary school teachers and principals, who face growing demands from parents for computer science education but must cope with a lack of educational standards for computer science, a paucity of trained teachers, and limited teaching materials. CMU CS Academy doesn't just provide the curriculum framework, though. It offers teacher training, an online interactive textbook, online technical support, and more.

You can learn more by reading the press release.

Keywords: Outreach & Diversity

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