SCS DEI Update

Nov. 11, 2022

What We're Doing

Broadening the DEI Lens To Include Neurodiversity

Diversity, equity and inclusion is not just about people of color, race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and physical disability. It includes neurodiversity, which encompasses a wide range of mental orientations. The SCS DEI office has drafted a white paper that explores the value of embracing and better incorporating neurodivergent stakeholders at CMU, offering ideas for onboarding, welcoming and scaffolding these individuals. Our hope is that CMU can capture the full potential of neurodivergent students, staff and faculty; create a better workplace for all; ensure that our vision of DEIB includes A for Accessibility; and lead in actions that support a neurodiverse community.


The Microsoft JRI Catalyst Grant Program is a national competition to identify local justice reform projects to receive support from the Microsoft Justice Reform Initiative (JRI) and the Urban Institute. Participants receive expert assistance and support for their projects that use data and technology to help advance racial equity and reform in the front-end of the criminal legal system. The request for proposals can be found on the Catalyst Grant Program application site.    

Thank you,
The SCS DEI Team