SCS DEI Update

Jun. 24, 2022

Disability:IN — Helping Individuals With Disabilities

Disability:IN is a nonprofit organization that connects with over 400 companies to achieve a vision of an inclusive global workforce that supports the full participation of people with disabilities.

Disability:IN has a number of resources for companies and for people with disabilities. For example, the Disability Equality Index is a tool that helps provide a roadmap of tangible actions companies can take to achieve disability inclusion and equality. Disability:IN also sponsors a Neurodiversity@Work Employer Roundtable, featuring a collection of employers with neurodiversity-focused hiring programs that others in the community can share and leverage. The organization also works with college students and recent graduates through its NextGen Leaders program, which offers individuals the opportunity to participate in mentoring, networking and other career development opportunities. We hope that you will learn more with the goal of supporting a more inclusive society. 


New "Research Consulting" Resource Available for Graduate Students in SCS

SCS is a vibrant, energetic, fast-moving research environment. Graduate students come to our programs because they are excited by the research and the opportunity to develop their skills. They also arrive with widely varying prior experience in exercising those skills. While the advisor-advisee relationship is the primary source of guidance, we also recognize that students may want or need more coaching: more discussion, more opportunities to practice presentations and more feedback from experienced researchers. For an additional critical sounding board for early ideas, paper drafts or talks; or additional support in presentation skills, the design of human subject studies, annotation guidelines, or human-computer interactions, graduate students can schedule one-on-one time by contacting Jill Fain Lehman.

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