Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Strategic Goals

The School of Computer Science is one of the leading schools in computer science in the world, with a commitment to excellence in research, practice and education. At SCS, we recognize that people are our greatest resource. We value each and every community member and believe in creating and sustaining a transformative community through empathy, compassion, diversity, inclusion, integrity and respect for the dignity of others. We operationalize these values through the following strategic goals.
  • Ensure that spaces and resources are accessible.

  • Provide racism and bias training for those working in student-facing roles.

  • Define expectations for behavior (Reasonable Person Principle).

  • Create internal and external narratives and marketing messages that reflect inclusivity and belonging.

  • Assess community partnerships.

  • Increase diversity in student, staff, and faculty populations.

  • Gather and track demographic data for faculty and staff recruiting and hiring, student application, admission, matriculation, and graduation.

  • Assess faculty, students, and staff experience, especially in offboarding processes.

  • Ensure that hiring, review, engagement, and selection processes and committees are equitable and transparent.

  • Provide DEI content for classes and orientation events.

  • Stay current on literature and legislation on DEI, affirmative action, and academic freedom.

  • Provide resources for student activities and tutoring.

  • Provide resources for career management and to reduce burnout.