Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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SCS hosts a number of events throughout the year for students of all ages to learn new skills, pursue educational opportunities and explore current topics in computer science and related fields.


 The SCS DEI team hosts virtual and in-person OurCS workshops to introduce undergraduate students from across the country to the world of research. Attendees work on exploratory problems in teams led by researchers from industry, academia and other computing-related domains while networking with peers from across the country.

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The SCS DEI Seminar Series aims to educate, inspire and encourage discussion among members of the SCS community by highlighting the work of local and nationally recognized researchers, educators and advocates in computer science and STEM-related organizations.

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TechNights is a free outreach program held each semester for middle school students in the Pittsburgh area. Hosted by Women@SCS, TechNights is designed for attendees to explore STEM careers through fun and interactive activities such as biological experiments and maze-solving games.

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