CS Pathways Programs

Increasing Equity in Computer Science Education


CS Pathways works with communities and organizations to ensure all students succeed.

We develop programs and initiatives that create a more equitable and inclusive journey to computer science opportunities for all students from all backgrounds.

We've featured some of those programs below with links for additional information.

National Initiatives

AI Scholars

ai4all_web2.jpgAI Scholars will take a deep dive into the world of artificial intelligence through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on research projects, faculty lectures and industry engagement with leading tech companies around the country. As an AI Scholar you will engage in college-level courses, as well as weekly seminars that explore college admissions, financial aid, building independence, mental health, emotional wellness and more. You will have the opportunity to develop meaningful connections with peers and mentors while being fully immersed in the college experience.

Computer Science Scholars

Students sit in front of computer screens in a classroom, taking notes in paper notebooks.Computer Science Scholars gives students from underserved and underresourced communities a chance to explore computer science with CMU's world-renowned faculty, staff and researchers. This free, residential summer program, gives students an in-depth look at computer science through hands-on research, seminars, classroom instruction and engagement with industry.

Pittsburgh Area Programming

Students sit in front of computer screens in a classroom, taking notes in paper notebooks.Every1online
We're collaborating with local school districts, other universities and nonprofits to create a community-based wireless internet service provider to close Pittsburgh's digital divide and provide internet access to the people who need it most. Learn more from our technical partner, Meta Mesh.

Students sit in front of computer screens in a classroom, taking notes in paper notebooks.Crack the Code

There are lots of reasons that kids who are interested in learning to code never sign up for activities that teach them programming skills.

We've teamed up with Beta Builders to enable kids in Pittsburgh to overcome these barriers and access world-class introductory computer science content.

STEM Ambassadors

In partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania and Homewood Children's Village, we're working to hire, train and pay local teens to make a difference in the lives of middle school summer campers in Pittsburgh's most underserved neighborhoods.

Current student support

It's not easy being a college student! To support our current students, we offer loaner laptops, emergency grants and mental health kits so they can focus on being students — not on how to meet their basic educational needs.